Harmaan fills soumya’s maang! Shakti 4th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Harmaan fills soumya’s maang! Shakti 4th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Shakti starts with Nimmi getting shocked seeing Soumya’s broken bangles. Constable says it seems kidnapper have killed her, Nimmi now broken down in tears.

Shakti Episode Written Updates

Shakti Episode Written Updates

Shakti Episode Written Updates

Surbhi tells Nimmi that nothing can happen to Soumya as her heart says. Inspector says nothing will happen to her. Khadhak Singh says if Harman have done this then he will be have to pay for it. Now Preeto arrives and asked to the police, Khadhak Sigh that is he able to bring back Harman and Saumya, Khadhak Singh says that he is busy searching them. Khadhak Singh also asked to Preeto that your son has killed the girl called Saumya.

Preeto asked that you can’t put false allegation on Harman as Harman is Preeto’s upbringing and he can’t do any wrong thing as he is Preeto’s son. By the way, now Harman asked Saumya to go her home.

Buit Saumya asked him to make her reach to her house by dropping her but Harman says that I am not Bajrangi Bhaaijaan either nor you are my Munni then why should I do so.

The people of the society now seen about gossiping Harman and Saumya and they also say that Sauya has been elope with Harman. Bebbe and Saumya’s dad scolded and cursing Saumya that she is always ready to put mud on us.
When Nimmi is broken down with tears with this cursing of her husband and mother in law for Saumya, in that time, Preeto asked the police to bring back her son and daughter in law as soon as possible. Saumya’s dad and Bebbe are shocked to see that Preeto is calling Saumya as her daughter in law.

Now Preeto and Khadhak Singh say that Harman and Saumya has been lost somewhere and I know Saumya is now became talk of the town as this is my mistake and because of my son. So now Harman will be ahve to tie knot with her.
When Harman sees that because she was lost with him in the jungle now the people of the village is cursing her and wish to even kill her.

He is shocked to see that even her dad is supporting the villagers, now Harman save Saumya when the villager was about to beat her by beating them.

Precap: Khadak Singh says my son has done a mistake and has to rectify it. Now Harman will be filling the Maang of Saumya with Sindoor.