Harmaan sees soumya! Shakti 28th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Harmaan sees soumya! Shakti 28th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The TV series Shakti starts with the throwing of the letter between Goli and Surbhi where he asked to fix a meeting for him with he also notices that his sister did not give replied of the letter as it can show the negative effect. Now Preeto tells her sister to eat good food for the baby boy for this she said how she knew that it was a boy to that she tell that she knew it.


Shakti 28th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Her sister in law thinks to bring up the baby and telling her about her upbringing by telling Harman is in jail.
Bhatia calls Harman’s dad and asked about his order to this he tell he cannot fulfil his order of 500 stuff. Bhatia also asked Harman to not showing off his attitude.

Now Bebe gives all answers asked by Surbhi whether he was beautiful and if Soumya was more beautiful than her to that Bebe told her that she was beautiful and Soumya was like the paper rose to this she asked what she means?

Harman escapes from jail and call Bunty and scolded him from running from there but Bunty said to Harman that he doesn’t want to show off his heroic Avatar.

Harman asked about his ladylove number and Surbhi, and he gives her number. Police reached Harman dad house here he pulls the gun from police officer pocket and threatened them to pull their shirts off rather he will pull their pants.
So they pull off their shirts and he beat them up. Surbhi gets the call from Meethi and she told her that Harman was asking her number to that she tell to give him her number and told him to meet her at a temple and thank god.

A boy came and gives a chit to Harman telling that it was given by Soumya. As Surbhi was about to go,Nimmi asked her where he going to this Bebe told her to go.

Soumya told Nimmi to not to stop her to that she told that she only wanted to take her both the daughters to temple only. Harman is anxious and Surbhi is on her way to reach the temple where it is the matter to think that Surbhi might get impressed by the charm of Harman.