Hason Correa Video Video: Madeline Brame Son Stabbed To Death Explained!

A video is on trending on social media. This video is about Hason Correa, which is gaining attention on the internet. In 2018, A 35-year-old army sergeant was stabbed to death. Once again this tragic news comes. The army who was stabbed to death was the son of Madeline Brame. Hason Correa was a very loving person for his mother Madeline Brame. Now Hason Correa’s video is on treading once again. Madeline Brame blamed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg responsible for going easy on the perpetrators. Also, she left the Democratic Party by saying it “plantation”. Here we are providing full information on this news. If you want to know more about this news, so continue till the end.

Hason Correa

In 2018, an army was murdered named Hason Correa.  During the bail hearing his mother Madeline Brame got emotional in the Manhattan courtroom. After his son’s death, she has been fighting for justice. She wants justice for her son Hason Correa. Her son’s case was going on Manhattan Court. She became DA in 2022. Moreover, for first and second-degree murder, She has sentencing guidelines for justice. In Manhattan court, a criminal was presented for bail. The video footage of the crime was presented in court. After getting too much emotional, Madeline Brame clutches the attacker’s chest in anguish.

Hason Correa Video Video

Hason Correa was a US Army, and in 2018 he was fatally stabbed to death. This incident happened during a fight outside a Harlem apartment building. If we talk about Hason Correa’s life story he was 35 years old. Hason Correa was married and he had three children. In Hason Correa’s murder case, there were four arrested. They had been charged with murder. They were gang about his death. Four people who murder a 35-year-old army were mentioning the name as siblings Christopher, James and Mary Saunders, and Travis Stewart. In this case, two attackers have taken plea deals.  Further, two other attackers were scheduled for October 2022.

According to the reports, Madeline Brame clutched her chest in anguish in the courtroom.   She saw Hason Correa walking in the black-and-white surveillance footage where he was walking. After the arrest of four people, they were sent to prison for 20 years. According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, all four defendants pleaded guilty. In four of them, two were getting significant prison. Moreover, Madeline Brame is a witness. In Manhattan court, she is a witness.  Madeline said that case would not progress. Still, there was much delay in justice for her son. She believes that in 2019, criminal justice reforms are responsible for the broken justice system.

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