Here’s How Karan Kundra trolled fans who compared his Gf Anusha to a “Prostitute”

Here’s How Karan Kundra trolled fans who compared his Gf Anusha to a “Prostitute : “After Dimpy Ganguly’s husband Rohit Roy seal the trolls with his reply, Karan Kundra also has followed the alliance of celebs who won’t allow racists who try to troll his sweetheart and call her with nasty names.

Just recently the incident where an internet troll accused Dimpy Ganguly of getting expecting before marriage as she recently gave childbirth to her daughter. And today, different internet troll aimed VJ Anusha Dandekar who is nowadays dating actor/anchor Karan Kundra, and named her a prostitute!


For the unaware, Anusha and Karan began dating a while back and they both look really a lovable couple. In case, one who looks at their social media accounts, and you’d be apt to find that they just can’t enough of each other. They both look to be just like any other troublesome struggling, a metropolitan couple who are owning a great time together. Still, racists are going to hate, right?

Just like any other duo in love, Karan keeps posting photographs of him and Anusha Dandekar commonly on his Instagram account.

An internet troll calling her a ‘prostitute’ in the comments section and even asked how could he be with such a girl. Not in any state to stay quiet, Karan slams out at the troll and even shared the screenshot of the same on his Instagram account. What Karan wrote in reply to that troll is completely deserving a read.

Karan had freshly shared a picture with the girlfriend, Anusha Dandekar, on his Instagram account, in that, both of them are seen dressed up in ethnic avatars.

He wrote, “I do not want fans like these.. If you’ve been brought up in such kind of filthy ways.. And belong to the lowest scums of humans plz I beg of you.. Do not be a fan and make me sad! The worst part is that the account is run by a girl!! A GIRL!! I can’t imagine what pathetic mindset of people must she belong to that she can talk like this about another girl!”

One of Karan’s fans, whose Instagram account goes by @kkundra00, posted vulgar comments on the picture of that duo, calling Anusha “pros” and “cheap.” What’s intriguing to note is that the said follower is herself a girl. Even Karan was shocked by this fact. Being the badass no-solemn guy that he is, Karan gave a befitting response to his fan.


Kudos for holding up for Anushka. Guys should actually learn a thing or two from the actor.