Here’s How Much a Wedding Can Cost You

As the saying goes, a wedding is not just between two people but between two families. It stands true in the case of Indian weddings. They are an extravagant affair. From deciding the venue to inviting guests, to selecting jewelry, the list of tasks is unending. More than the list, the expenses are stressful. As it is one of the most important moments in one’s life, you make sure that all things are perfect and there is no shortage of anything. Even money. Yet, situations may arise where you would need some extra money to fund the wedding. You can avail wedding loans for this purpose. Many banks and NBFCs provide you marriage loan which you can avail with a swift, digitized process.

Before you think of taking a wedding loan, we give you a breakdown of all the expenses that go into a wedding.

  1. Venue

Choosing the right venue is a mammoth task. When it is the peak season the charges to rent a wedding hall shoot out of the roof. You need to pre-book the wedding venue months before the wedding day which can help you save a little money.

  1. Transport

Transport not only involves the to and fro of things from your house to the wedding venue, but it also involves the bus or car you hire for the guests to reach the venue. Also, there is the cost of a luxury car involved which is specifically rented for the bride and groom.

  1. Photographers & Videographers

More than anything, photography, and videography has become the most important part of a wedding. From Pre-wedding shoots at different locations to capturing the wedding day moments and then the after party, photos and videos are a must.

  1. Florists & Decorators

The décor for your wedding sets the tone for the occasion. You would want your venue to look beautiful and elaborate. All of this involves hiring a venue decorator. Also, the traditional decoration of flowers needs to be perfect too for which you would need a florist.

  1. Jewelry

Bride and groom both adorn traditional jewelry. No Indian Wedding is complete without the exchange of at least one kind of jewelry. Whether it’s silver or gold, buying jewelry can take a huge chunk of money from your budget.

  1. Wedding Outfits

Another important thing for the wedding is the multiple types of dresses you need. An Indian Wedding is not a one-day affair. The ceremonies go on for 3 or more days. So you need a new attire for each day depending on the ceremony.

  1. Hair & Makeup

All eyes are on you on the wedding day. It is your day. So you need to look your best. For this, you would need hair and makeup artists who will give you the best look for the days.

  1. Invitation Cards & Return Gifts

For any Indian Wedding, getting invitation cards printed and given physically by visiting the house of each guest is an important tradition. The price range of printing an invitation card depends upon the design and the number of cards needed. A return gift is what people prefer giving to the guests. Even that involves a budget.

  1. Food & Alcohol

Food is something every guest will remember and talk the most about your wedding day. You need to get a caterer who gives you some lip-smacking options for the food menu and some mind-blowing options for alcohol which will keep your guests happy.

Mentioned above are the most important things you do for a wedding to be success full. All these arrangements can cost you anywhere from lakhs to crores of rupees depending on how lavishing you want your wedding to be. You can avail a personal loan for marriage and take care of all these tasks.