Here’s how you’re going to write the perfect paper ever

Know your topic

Do you actually know what should you write about and what’s the whole assignment? Read the requirements again and again and make sure you reach the expectations. Do you know how many pages should your paper have? Are there any sources you need to include? Is there a specific topic to talk about, or are you free to do whatever?

Have a very convincing argument

Again, do you know what you’re writing about? Is it an academic paper of a persuasive one? Don’t just write random words to reach the word count limit. Your argument should have evidence and a powerful conclusion. This might get overwhelming at some point, and you might ask people to write my paper for me. Don’t give up your hope just yet.

Support your argument

Your argument should be strong in order for your paper to be good structured. Is there a way to prove your point? How are you going to do that? Duh, use proof. And sources – cite lots of sources. You should have a list of primary sources – academic sources, which include journals, research sites, newspapers and books. Then, you should also have a list of secondary sources, such as magazines and interviews. You don’t have to just add lots and lots of sources if they’re not relevant to your paper. For some essays, you’ll need to reach a certain number of sources. Make sure you understand the requirement.

Proofread and edit your essay

Those typos are going to kill you. Also, be careful at poor spelling and all the grammar mistakes which are probably there and which will for sure ruin your final mark. Spelling checkers and autocorrect are a great invention, and sometimes really helpful, but you cannot risk them not seeing mistakes, not when it’s on your paper.

You must not plagiarize

Instead, use your own words. Plagiarizing is not accepted and will never be. It actually looks bad for your school’s academic code. We get it, lots of internet sites and the keyboard is so easy to use, especially when you have to press ctrl + c and ctrl + v. don’t steal other people’s work. More and more schools got plagiarism checking software and they will catch you. Is it really worth it?

Don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning of

Yes, understanding lots of words is a big deal. But don’t use fancy words just because they’re fancy, especially if you’re not sure of the meaning. This can also ruin your final grade – teachers know your level and they will probably catch you if you wrote a word that’s unsafe for you.

Ask for feedback

It’s not a shame to ask for help – it might actually be useful for you. Every author gets an editor. So you might as well get someone to help you. Have that person read your paper and correct the mistakes, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Or just ask for a piece of advice regarding your argument.