Hey Gamer’s your accounts are being hacked, Put Strong password for Safety

Gamer’s your accounts are being hacked, Put Strong password for Safety: – Well, gamers aren’t safe online. As you all may know that the gaming industry is rising every day and now the online gamers are more than ever. We aren’t saying that the gamers are rising even a research is showing that over half (53 percent) of people regularly game online, a figure which rises to 64 percent for 25-34-year-olds and 67 percent for those aged 16-24, According to research from Kaspersky Lab. Now, when these all people are playing the game online, the hackers are being more active to get these accounts.

As per the reports, the gamers are being very lazy nowadays and they don’t use a big or long password and that is the reason why they are getting hacked. Despite the threats, gamers are frequently leaving their online accounts vulnerable to hacking attempts, putting their valuable progress, personal data and everything at a risk.

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Also, the sources are saying that the global game’s audience which is led by online platforms such as Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live is growing days by day and already reached between 2.2 billion and 2.6 billion and are still continuing to grow.  Also, these growths are attracting the cybercriminals who are looking to disrupt online operations and gain access to data such as passwords and bank card information, clearly shown by recent attacks on both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Here, we aren’t saying that these platforms are hacked able even these companies are trying their hard to stop these kinds of problems and crimes. Still, we got so many complain about the hacks. As well as having their data stolen, victims who have their gaming account broken into can also be emotionally affected, losing access to their favorite games (either temporarily or permanently), the many hours they may have spent building up their profile and any money they might have put into it.

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Of those people who have experienced a successful or attempted attack on one of their online accounts, 16 percent identified their gaming accounts as being a target, a figure which rises to 21 percent for men. And, as 55 percent of people can’t quickly restore their gaming account details if lost, the distress that accompanies such attacks is significantly amplified. Overall, here we are trying to say that there is nothing that you could do to make it better but just try to put the strong password.