Himachal Pradesh: Shimla to be Shyamala, name change?

Himachal Pradesh: Shimla to be Shyamala, name change?: Reports are coming that in a long list of renamed Indian cities another new is added. Here we are talking about the capital city Shimla of Himachal Pradesh which is about to be renamed. Sources are saying that the government is about to rename the Shimla to “Shyamala”. As you all may know that a campaign has been launched by some right-wing Hindu groups demanding that the capital of Himachal Pradesh should be renamed.

Now, Shimla may get renamed as Shyamala

  • BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh government is considering a proposal, say reports
  • State Health Minister Vipin Singh felt ‘there would not be any harm’ in changing the name
  • A VHP functionary claimed that Shyamala was the original name of Shimla city

Also, the sources are claiming that BJP is thinking about the proposal and state health minister Vipin Singh Parmar said many cities in different parts of the country used to have historic names but they were changed. Also, he indicated that there would not be any harm in reverting to those names. Also, the reports are coming that if the people want Shimla to be rechristened as Shyamala, the proposal can be considered.

Overall, you all should know that nothing is confirmed now. You all can see the social media has been abuzz with discussions on the topic for the last few days. Even some people aren’t looking that much excites with the name change as they are in love with the old name. Senior Himachal Pradesh Congress leader Harbhajan Singh Bhajji questioned the intention of those who want Shimla to be renamed.

Some people are saying that it is nothing but a marketing strategy by the BJP government as the elections are coming. Also, the people are surprised because they don’t see anything wrong with the name Shimla? Will the renaming ensure development? The state government should focus on ensuring that the state progresses instead of indulging in such frivolous antics. These all are the questions which are added by the Congress about the issue.

If we talk about the history then few people are claiming that the popular holiday retreat was originally called Shyamala but because the Britishers found it tough to pronounce, they renamed it Simla which later became Shimla and now the people want to see the original name back.