Holi Special Episode! Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyar Ki” it has been shown that the Suman asks Thapki that why she was not playing Holi Bihaan replied that some of the people love their hair more than anyone’s feeling. Suman and Preeti says that leave it Bihaan and come here Thapki we will not spoil your hairs come with us. And let’s play Holi. You need to play it with Bihaan.

Holi Special Episode! Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Shraddha hears all the conversation of Thapki Bihan and Suman. To which Shraddha taunts Thapki by saying I didn’t know Thapki that you loves your hair that much, unless I will spoil your hairs. At least in Holi I will do so. Well i will do this today. Vasudhanra now rush towards Thapki and asked her I am very happy today that you will be leaving the Pandey Niwaas so my problems of the house will be finished.

Now She apply the Tika on the Thapki’s forehead and asked to her that play colour as much you want but after that you have to speaks with Bihaan about the divorce. Thapki shocked to hear so and feel hurt on her hearts and meanwhile, it is Bihaan actually happy to that the Vasundhara hugs Thapki and Bihaan thinks now problem the Saas Bahu were having has been ended now.

So Bihaan became so happy for while, On the other hand Shradha brings some chemical to spoil Thapki’s hair and to make her loose her hairs. Shraddha promised to herself that Thapki you are proud of your hair and today I will make you lose your hair. In the mean time, Thapki was very upset with the discussion of her divorce with Bihaan and it is final today she will be have to divorce her husband anyway.

After color game Bihaan went to Thapki and apply color oh her chicks as well Bihaan try to hug her but it is Thapki who shows him the divorce paper. Bihaan shocked to see so and became speechless.

The estranged Bihaan also said to Thapki that you saved my life first and know you want to leave me alone like this… you know Thapki very well that if you leave me I’ll be dying and still you want to leave me. Then why you saved my life. Thapki started crying with his words but still she is pretending like strong as she needs to divorce Bihaan as Vasundhara wants that.