Hollywood Movie Gods of Egypt 5th Day Box Office Collection Total Income

Hollywood Movie Gods of Egypt 5th Day Box Office Collection Total Income : Well, after getting poor review from all the critics around the world also after having lots of controversies Gods of Egypt becomes the big failure on the big screens as well as in small screens.


Gods of Egypt Movie Box Office Collection

The reason behind the failure of this movie is so unbelievable movie is so big budget movie but people not attracting towards this movie and I think that’s so unbelievable. You can’t bet what people going to like or not.

Well this movie is still behind from lots of movies like “Deadpool” and “Starwars” because people have not big buzz about this movie and that’s so unbelievable before the releasing I thought maybe this movie is going to break a lots of records but with time this movie got behind and I don’t know why well I think the main reason of failure of this movie is the story and direction of this movie is so week also in lots of good releasing takeover the audience and audience don’t want to spend their money on this movie because they have choices.

Well, In India this movie is going good and collecting good bucks for the makers if I compare this movie with the Revenant then I can say that this movie is collecting good money and collected between 5.45 Crore till now from the whole world and that’s was awesome for the movie but this movie is so big budget movie and that money is nothing front of the budget.

Gods of Egypt was subjected to a negative backlash months before any audience had the chance to see it. In November, Proyas and Lionsgate were forced to apologies for handing white European actors such as Butler, Brenton Thwaites and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau the roles of duelling Egyptian deities and mortals following widespread criticism from celebrities including Bette Midler, and on social media.

And that controversy effected movie a lot even people in Europe don’t want to watch this movie also this movie has not that big buzz because this movie didn’t get good review and people don’t want to waste their money on this movie in y words this movie becomes the great big budget fall of 2016 and that’s so shocking for the makers.

“Well, if you don’t want to waste your time and money then don’t go for it”

This movie is nothing but a trouble for the makers and I don’t think they going to make any profit by this