Five Easy Ways to Help with the Homework Struggle


Are your children not earnest about getting their homework done? Do you struggle to motivate them? Then we have written this article to help you out with it.

Undoubtedly, homework helps student revise information learned at school. But sometimes the conflicts, arguments and procrastination can aggravate the learning benefits of homework. The tips start from the next line however there will be some struggle and frustration always but following the tips will help alleviate your problems. These tips are shared by Answershark tutors who provide qualified homework answers on different subjects.

  1. Schedule It

Believe us, assigning a given time slot in a day to only study gets your children into the groove to study. Just make sure that your child studies regularly at that time and it will eventually become his or her habit. A slot directly after the school is not a good idea. Children need breaks, let them have fun in the early noon time before the evening, in sports or physical activities. Any time after that is suitable for homework, make sure your child has no access to TV, phone or electronic devices at this time unless he needs assistance from the computer. Inculcating routine habits in children gets them in the right mindset at right time.

  1. Create a Desirable Environment

In “Pride and Joy: A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems” by Ken Barish, he says if the children is provided with a quite, library-like communal setting with parents or children then they may perform better. Just for example let’s take your dining table, it may make sense for your family but what if your child works better alone, then creating a quiet, comfortable, or even cozy surroundings may make a big change. Wherever the place maybe, having a space that is desirable to the child; then it can motivate the child.

  1. Set Attainable Expectations

If this is your first time with scheduled homework daily then make realistic goals to be achieved. Don’t put a lot of burden on your children on the very first day might be too much rather start with half hour and then increase the time slot gradually. Create a two sided interaction and answer the questions. You are not supposed to do your child’s work, just be there to help them. Rectify their mistake and boost their confidence.

  1. Make It Fun

Homework is never fun and has never been; In fact some children may even find it a struggle. That’s when you need to come into play and make it enjoyable. You can give them their favorite snack or their favorite type of music (light) in the background, maybe bring them their favorite color sets and pencils or their favorite study lamp. Do your best to get them in the right ambience.

  1. Reward Accordingly

Praising the children for their good work and helping them with tasks is important. Just like if your child’s performance has improved in the last time then take him to his favorite place or give him a treat. Always make sure that they crave for the reward you are offering.

In case if your child shows no improvement and your efforts with these tips go futile then consult your child’s teacher. Learning to know about your child from your teacher may help you strategize accordingly. We would love to hear back from you on these tips.