Hong Kong: Iconic Floating Jumbo Restaurant Capsizes and Sinks in South China SEA

Do you know about the Hongkong’s famous jumbo floating restaurant? It is saddening to hear about it is that it was sunk near the Paracel Islands, South China Sea, this Sunday when it was hauled out from the city. As stated by Aberdeen restaurant Enterprises Ltd, the restaurant experienced “adverse circumstances” when it was crossing the Xisha Islands (Paracel Islands) in the South China Sea. Then water entered the ship and the ship started drowning. This is not revealed by the owner where was that restaurant going, its destination was undisclosed.

Iconic Floating Jumbo Restaurant Sinks

According to reports, it was too difficult to bring out rescue operations as the depth of the water where the ship sunk was almost 1000 meters. Still, everyone was rescued and no crew members were injured. It is to be said that more than three million guests have eaten its Cantonese cuisine over the years. Queen, Tom Cruise, and Richard Branson are one of them. There are some facts about the restaurant is that the restaurant closed in March 2020 because of covid restrictions when the Covid pandemic hit. The owner of the floating restaurant said some marine engineers were appointed to check the floating restaurant before its trip. And after the entire appropriate approval, the ship was sent to the sea.

Iconic Floating Jumbo Restaurant Sinks

Jumbo Kingdom cum Jumbo Floating Restaurant was a renowned tourist attraction in Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter, within Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbour. The restaurant was established on 19th October 1976 by Stanley Ho and had a sitting capacity of 2300 people at the same time. Before the Jumbo kingdom, Wong created a Jumbo Floating Restaurant which did not become successful because a four-alarm fire occurred on it and 34 people died and 42 got injured before its opening.

this all happened after the Tai Pak Floating Restaurant was constructed where it was established in 1952. This (Jumbo Kingdom) Floating Restaurant was part of Melco International Development Limited. It is the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. One of its operations was suspended due to the global pandemic of Covid in 2020.

The floating ship business was facing huge losses since 2013 and had not been beneficial till now, said the Operator Melco International Development last month and this is a very big failure for them.” This is so discouraging that this accident happened but there are all crews members were safe and no one harmed, this is so fortunate for us” said Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises. Stay connected for more information and updates.

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