Irish: Top 5 Hosting company in Ireland

Irish: Top 5 Hosting company in Ireland :- Ireland is the beautiful country to explore to witnessed the greenery and other recognized places. Although, apart from touring purpose this country is also famous for its high successful business rates.


And when it comes to business, owing website is always the best option. Although, for a successful internet site, it needs to choose a quality web hosting. People make the mistake while selecting a proper website. Say its lack of know or unavailability of information but most of the people make a mistake while choosing a host.

People need to maintain the little bit of consciousness while chose a reliable hosting service. It is quite obvious that most of the people go for cheap hosting service, and that’s where they make a mistake.

The people invest a huge amount in costly, and low-quality web hosting, and later, they just have to feel regret for buying it. There are numbers of the web hosting in Ireland, but only a few individuals get to know about them.

Well, one does not need to worry anyone as we are here with a list of the top 5 Internet hosting service of Ireland. The Alexa Rank ranks these hosting companies. And, this list is latest updates a few days before.


1. OVH.ie


The OVH webs hosting company is the top web hosting company in Ireland. OVH has the global network, and it is serving around 930000 customers around the world, and all of them has shown trust in this endeavor.


The OVH has 15 data centers in operation, and it can host around 1 million servers. This makes this company best in its business. And, when it comes to working in Ireland, there is no company like OVH.

2. BlackNight.


Black Night is the second best service provider company in Ireland. Although, it comes at the 2nd position but many people argues that its should be No. 1.

It provides the great value for buying IE domains and EU domains on a website. The Black Night is usually set up in Carlow, Ireland but it used to provide the service all over the world with same.

BlackNight not only just help you by providing the quality website hosting but their experts will suggest the perfect domain name that your website will need.

3. Dedi Serve.


The Dedi Serve was founded the way back in the year 2009 and since then, it has been the global web server provider. The credit must be given to the expert team that not only invented this hosting company but keep improving themselves every year.


It is quite impressive for a company who was juts developed seven years ago as they made away in the cloud with, cost-effective services, scalable and flexible with total stability and reliability.

4. Hosting Ireland.


It is the most trusted service provider in Ireland. Hosting Ireland provides the Windows and Linux Dedicated VPS servers as well as offers a broad range of Windows and Linux Hosting options. It also provides the hosting for available for Java, ASP, .net, PHP, Cold Fusion.

5. DigiWeb.


The DigiWeb is not only the Website hosting company but is one of the recognized telecoms and internet provider company. This company has achieved a lot in recent years.

DigiWeb comes in the top 100 companies by Deloitte in last three years all across the Globe. It provides quality hosting services and locals of Ireland has a considerable amount of faith in this company.