Hot Look : Katrina Kaif & Sidharth Malhotra Attends “Baar Baar Dekho” Movie Bash

Hot Look : Katrina Kaif & Sidharth Malhotra Attends “Baar Baar Dekho” Movie Bash : Well, stunning actress Katrina Kaif recently attended the wrap up Bash of Baar Baar Dekho with Sidharth Malhotra they both are looking good if I talk about the Katrina Kaif than I can say that she is looking so beautiful in the black smoking dress even Sidharth is also looking so awesome in his white shirt.


Both of these actress looking so awesome together also they talk about Baar Baar Dekhoand I am sure that they both going to be a good pair in Box office also I think people have good buzz about the movie because both of this actors has their own fan following.


Sidharth Malhotra talks a lot about movie and said “It’s a very unique story… what happen in the life of a person from 18 year to 60. It’s not a time travel of science fiction, it’s a fictitious story.” This movie is now finally finished in shoot and I am sure that this movie going to be good deal for the makers.


Also you can catch the confident of these actors because they both have their first paring in cinema and they both are looking confident towards it also they both talk lot about movie and said that this movie has good potential of work I am sure that this movie going to be big deal for the makers.


Also he said that “I have Prosthetics for a 60- Year-old Character in the Movie it’s very difficult role, but the writing in this movie was superb it’s an adapted screenplay, it’s a love story with a twist, where the universe gave you the option to do something good and different. We should have a good product by September. We are looking forward to it,”

Katrina also said that “this movie is one of the nicest movies I ever did and also she said that this movie has good and twisted script and people will surely going to love it.”

Also when a Media person asked about the Salman Khan’s association with Rio Olympics controversy she laughed and said that “what is new with Salman Khan being entangled in a controversy tonight is all about baar baar Dekho” well that shows she is so excited about the show and she wanted to talk only about movie.