How Did Abigail Wirthele Die? Abigail S. Wirthele of Sterling Passed Away at 23

Many individuals on Facebook are mourning the passing of their beloved family members and friend who has gone from this world leaving them shattered. According to the sources, Abigail S. Wirthele of Sterling sadly passed away at the age of 23. It is heartbreaking to learn that a young woman who was a beloved family member has left everyone including her friends and colleague devastated. Being a beautiful lady, she was a beloved daughter, sister, wife, and mother. Let’s find out what was the reason behind her sudden passing and how did she die. Is she a popular personality who gained much attention on social media?

How Did Abigail Wirthele Die?

A Facebook user Jazmine Booker wrote,” These are the only pictures I have of us but the memories that me and you made together are forever in my heart and I will never forget you Abby. I have never felt so sick to my stomach until the news I heard about you… my heart is so broken over you”. Along with a caption, Jazmine shared some beautiful pictures of Abigail. Since the news of Abigail Wirthele was confirmed, her colleagues and loved ones are paying tribute to her and giving deep condolences to the family members who are going through a difficult time.

How Did Abigail Wirthele Die?

Much information is not available on the Internet as she was not a popular personality but during her appearance in high school, she competed in the state competition and won. She became a judge for public speaking competitions as well. At a good age, she got married to Matthew Wirthlele and the couple had two daughters – Chloe and Indi Wirthele – whom she loved dearly.

Since the news of her passing was confirmed, many people are wondering to know what was the reason behind her passing. So, Abigail Wirthele residing in Sterling left this world due to an alleged accident. Though the cause of her passing remains unknown at this time. The Facebook posts haven’t confirmed the cause of her death but our sources are trying to collect more details about her unfortunate passing. She was a beautiful soul who was always present for her children and family. They were first priority for her. Unfortunately, she left this world leaving her family and friends shattered. She will be always remembered by her family and friends. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. #RIPAbigailWirthele

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