How Did Dan Petrescu Died Romanian billionaire Dan Aeroplan Crash Video & Net Worth

How Did Dan Petrescu Died Romanian billionaire Dan Aeroplan Crash Video & Net Worth One of the richest men in Romania who is a property developer and he was deemed the richest person was declared dead at the age of 68 years old after met with a plane crash which happened in Milan. The richest person named Dan Petrescu was travelling on a small, single-engine plane which got crashed on a vacant two-story office building and the crash has been happening in the suburb of San Donato Milanese which was happened on 3rd October 2021 on Sunday. The news of his death shocked everyone and all of them started giving him homage and respect through many mediums for his peaceful soul and spirit. Many of the partners and the colleagues of the deceased still can’t believe that he is no more with them and left the world with leaving a big empire which he created with his hard work and struggle of his whole life.

How Did Dan Petrescu Died

How Did Dan Petrescu Died

Talking about who was Dan Petrescu, then he was a 68 years old man and he was an estate dealer and he was deemed as one of the richest men in Romania. he made his empire and created his fortune in the property developer and also through control of a series of supermarkets and retail galleries. The deceased have dual Romanian and German citizenship but on 3rd October 2021, he left the world after being met with a plane crash on Sunday.

The crash of the plane happened when the plane take off from Milan at around 1 PM and just after few minutes of taking off the plane gets crashed and the cause of the crash is still not stated by the investigators who investigated the case for finding the reason of the crash. As per the reports, there were around eight victims who were in the plane and the plane was piloted by Petrescu along with his wife named Queen Dorotea Petrescu Balzat and with his son named Dan Stefan Petrescu.

All the family of the deceased were travelling to Petrescu’s villa which is in Olbia, Sardinia, where they were expected to attend Petrescu’s elderly mother and also they were travelling to celebrate the recent baptism. The plane in which they all were seated was purchased by Petrescu in the year 2015 by Vova Cohn, who is a former stockholder in the football club Dinamo Bucharest. Now, the richest person is no more in the world and left the world. We pay homage to him and may his soul rest in pecae.

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