How Did Frank Kozik Die? Iconic Graphic Artist Behind Album Covers Including the Offpsring’s Americana Dies at 61

We are sharing with you the news of the passing away of Iconic Graphic Artist FRANK KOZIK. The famous artist took his last breath at the age of 61. The people are mourning his death as the legendary artist offered the world so much in his life. The news has saddened the art lovers and people are posting their sentiments on the media platforms. Our viewers must be wanted to know about the iconic graphic artist and his achievements in his lifetime. Be with us to get the whole story of his life and the impacts made by him. Scroll down.

How Did Frank Kozik Die?

Frank Kozik was born on Jan 9, 1962, in Madrid, Spain. He spent his childhood in Spain and then moved to the US during his teenage years. He was a self-made artist. He was passionate about designing and started creating artwork for his friend’s bands initially. His journey as an artist started then with no looking back. He soon became famous among crowds as he moved into concert posters, making large screen prints. Soon he was working for bands like Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, The Beastie Boys, Green Day, Neil Young and Nirvana.

How Did Frank Kozik Die?

Kozik also started his own record label, ‘Man’s Ruins Records’
where he designed most of the artwork. Various other artists including the Sex Pistols and Queens of the Stone Age worked under his label and many albums were released under his label- Man’s Ruins Records. After some time he closed his label and tried on other media like toys and collectibles. He also became a chief creative officer of collectibles company Kidrobot, designing over 500 limited edition figures including his iconic vinyl smoking rabbits. He was also connected to brands like Nike and Swatch. His iconic work includes album covers of ‘The Offsprings’ Americana’ and ‘Queen of Stone Ages’

Kozik designed many logos for many brands like Label Rocket Recordings. The people who were connected to him somehow are paying tributes to him and sharing their sentiments on all platforms. Beyond his artistic contribution to the world, he was a great man as shared by family and loved ones. He was a caring person and loved all including his cats. The news of his demise was shared by his wife Sheron who pronounced his unexpected passing. The family and friends are devastated by his sudden demise. The family has requested privacy during this hard time. We also share our tributes to the legendary artist. Stay tuned…………

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