How Did John Westacott Die? Former Nine TV Fame Died Aged 73

How Did John Westacott Die? Former Nine TV Fame Died Aged 73:- We are saddened to announce that renowned journalist John Westacott is no more. According to the reports, John Westacott passed away just a while ago. Currently, John Westacott’s wife named Cecile and his two sons are mourning his sudden demise. Meanwhile, people also have started asking questions regarding John Westacott’s cause of death. But at this time his cause of death could not be explained as there is no report regarding this information. Meanwhile, we have shed light on John Westacott’s illustrious career. So be sticky with this article and keep reading this article for more details. You are advised to follow this blog till it’s not get completed. Drag down the page and learn more about the late journalist.

How Did John Westacott Die Former Nine TV Fame Died Aged 73 Cause Of Death

How Did John Westacott Die?

John Westacott passed away over the weekend in the presence of his beloved ones. He was 73 years of age when he passed away. It is certain that he might have passed away naturally. According to the source, breathed his last breath on Sydney Harbour at the weekend. He is survived by his two sons and wife Cecile. Reportedly, he passed away around 1:30 pm on Sunday in Vaucluse. He could not be revived.

He left the Nine back in 2009. He was a trailblazer in Australian journalism. John Westacott was referred to as a “Journalist’s journo”. After John Westacott’s death, the tv director of Nine named Michael Healy and Nine’s national director of news and current affair Darren Wick posted a statement. The official statement reads, “he longest-serving and most successful Executive Producer of 60 Minutes, a driving force of A Current Affair and a visionary with Nine as the National Director of News and Current Affairs.”

“Westy was an enigma. There was no one like him. He didn’t care about political correctness and would publicly declare that. He didn’t care where you came from, nor about your gender, ethnicity or religious and political beliefs. He cared about whether you had the passion and ability to tell a great story”
“His lifelong love was 60 Minutes. He was fearless as he pushed his team to report some of the greatest stories and interviews Australians have ever seen. And he was ferocious in defending his team against any criticism – externally and internally”.
We are awaiting John’s obituaries. Fuerther details about his death will be shared with you as soon as possible. Stay tuned to this page for more details and updates.

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