How Did Michael Hutchence Die? Cause of Death Reason What Happen To Him

How Did Michael Hutchence Die? Cause of Death Reason What Happen To Him Nowadays, there is a flood of posts related to the death of Michael Hutchence. People have generated interest in knowing about the death of Michael Hutchence. He was prominently known as a singer in Australia. There is a clip from the documentary based on the life experiences of Michael Hutchence. People are liking the post and also sharing on such a large scale that it has surged a trend on various social networking sites including, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and so on and so forth.

How Did Michael Hutchence Die? Cause of Death Reason What Happen To Him

How Did Michael Hutchence Die

He lost his life at the age of 37 years. The trending posts have increased the interest of netizens in the life of Michael Hutchence. As a result, people are willing to watch the documentary therein the life of the singer has been expressed in a certain way. The death of the singer has been a complex phenomenon for everyone. He lost his life on November 22, 1997.

Cause of Death

As far as the death of the multi-talented singer “Michael Hutchence” is considered, there are several theories on the cause of his demise. He was found dead in a hotel room. The police recovered his dead body in the Ritz-Carlton hotel of Double Bay Sydney in room number 524. As per the media reports, he was craving to meet his child but the mother of his child was not ready for their meeting. He had talked to his ex-wife on a phone call on the day of his demise. The autopsy has revealed that he was drunk and he died at the place accidentally that is nothing but suicide.

On the other hand, the documentary on his death shows that he died of autoerotic asphyxiation. People who know the facts on this incident shared by the police are more confused after watching the concerned documentary. This former girlfriend has informed that the singer was so upset that he was crying drastically. She was having pity on the condition of the celebrity.

Who was Michael Hutchence?

He was a singer, musician, songwriter and actor in Australia. He was one of the founders of the INXS rock band. His band had the record of selling over 27 million records all across the world. He was born on 22nd January 1960 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His father “Kelland Frank Hutchence” was a businessman in Sydney, Australia. He had a child whom he craved a lot to meet before his passing away because his divorcee wife was not ready to make it happen.

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