How Did Paul Stoddard Die? DIECAST Vocalist Passed Away, Obituary & Funeral

How Did Paul Stoddard Die? DIECAST Vocalist Passed Away, Obituary & Funeral:- Recently, we came across a heart-wrenching report that claims famous metalcore artist and frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast, Paul Stoddard passed away. It is very shocking and heart-wrenching to hear of Paul Stoddard’s demise. Since Paul Stoddard’s death news broke out on the internet it is trending all over social media. Meanwhile, netizens also have started unfolding pages of his personal life. Many are also curious to learn how did Paul Stoddard die or what caused him to depart untimely. Hence, we did a deep study on this topic and prepared this article. In the further sections, you will get to learn who confirmed Paul Stoddard’s death and what happened to him. So be sticky with this article and keep reading this article.

How Did Paul Stoddard Die DIECAST Vocalist Passed Away Obituary Funeral

How Did Paul Stoddard Die?

Renowned vocalist Paul Stoddard took his last breath on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. A few days earlier than Paul’s demise, his father named Beverley Stoddard informed Paul Stoddard’s fans that Paul’s health was not stable, it kept on deteriorating. And recently we came across the tragic news of Paul’s death. Read more about Paul Stoddard’s unexpected death and cause of death in the further section.

Beverley Stoddard also stated that his son was admitted to a hospital in Miami as he was retaining fluid. Vocalist Paul was in a coma for the past many days thus he was on a ventilator. In addition. Paul was on dialysis as his kidneys had failed and his heart was also not working. After a long struggle with his disease, vocalist Paul Stoddard died on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Who confirmed Paul Stoddard’s death news on social media at first?

Diecast drummer Dannis Pavia relayed the tragic news of his bandmate Paul Stoddard’s death on social media. Dennis Pavia expressed his pain and regret over the demise of his bandmate by writing, “I’m at a complete loss for words and completely crushed. You’re a bandmate, a friend, a brother. A thousand band/tour memories and stories just went through my head in a fraction of a second as I am writing this. From recording to traveling all over the place, arguing to laughing hysterically…
I will miss you. RIP Pauly.”

Currently, the entire Diecast band is mourning the death of its vocalist Paul Stoddard. And his family and friends must be striving to process the fact of his demise. But that’s the way cookie crumbles sometimes.

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