How Did Peter Tomlin Die? US Coast Guard Officer Peter Tomlin Passed Away, Obituary

The Coast Guard community and the country grieves for the loss of Officer Peter Tomlin, who passed away on Friday, September 22, 2023. He was a family man and a public servant, and his untimely death has been met with shock and disbelief by his friends, family, and colleagues. He is remembered for his unwavering commitment to duty and his exemplary leadership. Keep reading to find out more about Officer Tomlin and what caused his passing.

How Did Peter Tomlin Die?

Peter Tomlin was born on June 12, 1988. He was raised by his parents and two brothers, surrounded by a loving family. Tomlin graduated from Our Lady Academy in 2007. He then attended the Coast Guard Academy to pursue a degree in marine engineering. Tomlin served in the Coast Guard until 2011. He began his career as a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard in 2012. He served in various units and locations. Tomlin was a helicopter pilot who flew in search and rescue operations, law enforcement operations, and relief operations. Tomlin is survived by his wife Manda and two sons: Owen and Noah. Swipe below to read more about the cause of death and how he died.

How Did Peter Tomlin Die?

Peter Tomlin, 42, of Windsor, was killed in an early morning collision on Highway 401 near Chatham. Tomlin was traveling westbound on Highway 401 at approximately 11:30 AM when he collided with the driver of the oncoming truck. The driver of the truck lost control and jackknifed, causing the truck to block both lanes of the road. Tomlin was taken to hospital with multiple injuries after colliding head-on with the truck. Tomlin was pronounced dead shortly after. The driver of the truck, a 42-year-old Windsor man, was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating the circumstances of the crash, and no charges have been filed yet. Keep reading to find out more details related to his funeral details.

Peter Tomlin’s funeral was held on September 25, 2023, at Ambler’s St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. It was packed with hundreds of people who came to remember and celebrate Tomlin’s life. At 7 p.m., Peter’s family and friends said goodbye to him. Tomlin was well-known for his dedication to protecting the U.S. maritime industry. Even when faced with the toughest challenges in life, Tomlin kept a cool and collected attitude that gave everyone who knew him a sense of security. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the spot he loved. Keep checking back here for more updates.

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