How Does RomanceTale Dating Website Protect Its Members from a Scam

Both free and premium dating platforms suffer from a scam today. It ruins the reputation and makes users delete their accounts.  That’s why big dating website teams devote their time and energy to the development of a strong anti-scam protection. Let’s see what kind of protection offers its members the famous international dating website RomanceTale.

Why Everyone Is Afraid of Scammers

Scammers are dishonest people who deceive other users by creating very attractive fake profiles on different dating websites. They pretend to be good romantic partners, but their only goal is to extort money from their virtual lovers. Some of them are going for the personal information or expensive gifts. Either way, scammers are people who don’t have a purpose to create a meaningful relationship. They only pretend to be in love to get the benefit.

More Information, Fewer Victims

A romantic relationship with a scammer is a bitter experience. The more a person knows about scammers, the lower is his or her chance to become their victim.

“Now we are trying to give our members more information about a scam on the dating websites. Also, we encourage them to report on any suspicious situation on our platform”, gave us a comment the RomanceTale official representative. He also named some signals that cannot be ignored when you are communicating with a prospective partner on a dating website.

  1. The fake information in your partner’s profile. If some facts that are mentioned in your partner’s profile don’t correspond to what he or she says, there is a high chance you may be dealing with a scammer.
  2. Too many words of love in the first days of communication. Scammers usually use this manner of talking to get an emotional response from their interlocutors and to make them fall in love. Chatting with a new person on the dating website, don’t let feelings to dictate your actions. Also, you should be alert if your new partner asks many questions but doesn’t share personal information with you.
  3. Requests to send money or make a gift. Scammers usually have a lot of financial troubles and ask you for money to solve them.
  4. Requests to send intimate photos or videos. Such kind of information will give scammers an opportunity to blackmail you. Don’t send compromising information about you to a person you have never met in real life.  
  5. A strong desire to communicate outside the dating website. Every scammer knows that the website administration can reveal his motive and ban him from the platform. That’s why he or she tries to exchange contact details with his victims and communicate with them in private channels. Don’t give your phone number or the link on your social networks to the person you don’t know well enough.
  6. An intention to visit you at your expense. If you and a scammer have communicated over the international dating website for a long time, he or she may want to visit your country. But, of course, financial troubles or problems with obtaining a visa will prevent him or her from doing it. Never give your virtual partner money to buy plane tickets or obtain a visa. A meeting won’t occur, and you’ll probably lose your money.
  7. Invitation to visit his or her country. Some scammers try to lure victims into their countries to rob or kidnap them. Most dating websites don’t recommend their members to go on such trips without being accompanied and offer special services in organizing such visits.
  8. Requests to transfer money or valuables to other people. Usually, such actions are a part of money laundering scheme. It is a criminal offense; so, don’t agree to be a part of it.

“We have created a special tab and published there an anti-scam policy of our site. Each user, even an unregistered one, can visit this tab and get all necessary information”, said the official representative of the RomanceTale.

The link on this tab is placed at the bottom of the RomanceTale main page.


We have visited this tab and found there safety tips, the cases in which this website agrees to return money to its members and behavior that isn’t considered to be scam.


According to the anti-scam policy of the RomanceTale, every spotted scammer on this website gets a punishment in the form of a permanent ban.

All victims of scammers get all money spent on the communication with them back, including money spent on gifts and flowers that had been bought through the website systems.  

To ask for reimbursement, a member of RomanceTale should visit the anti-scam policy tab and find there “file a complaint by clicking here” link.

Then a special contact form will open. There a member will be able to describe his situation and ask the website administration for help.

Which RomanceTale Services Help Users to Avoid Scammers?

There are two services that RomanceTale team has created to save members from scammers. They are called “Request contact details” and “Request meeting”.

The first one, the “Request contact details” service, is a measure of protection from hasty moving from the website to private channels of communication.  This service is free. However, it becomes available only after a user has spent a certain amount of money on communication with the user whose contacts he or she wants to get.

“This condition gives our members enough time to know each other well before moving away from the site to other channels of communication”, said the official representative of RomanceTale.

Also, only users who have passed the IMBRA Verification and confirmed their identity can order this service. So, the risk to exchange contact details with a scammer is low.

To use this service, members of the RomanceTale need to click on the “Request his/her contact details” button on the profile pages of their partners. Of course, both member and his partner should agree to do it.

The second service – “Request Meeting” – has been created to protect users on their first dates. As RomanceTale is an international dating platform, most members need to make a long flight to another country to go on a date with their partners.

The “Request Meeting” is a paid service that helps members to organize such visits in the safest way. Ordering this service, a member gets help with booking a flight, finding an apartment, and choosing the best place for the first date. Also, one of the RomanceTale managers will meet him or her at the airport and accompany him or her during the date.

The RomanceTale members also can order this service from their partners’ profiles by clicking on “Request meeting” button.

This is an experience in fighting against scammers RomanceTale team shared with us. They encourage other platforms to work together to eliminate scam in the niche of online dating.