How Google Boosts efforts to help News Organisation With $300 million Budget

How Google Boosts efforts to help News Organisation With $300 million Budget: Well, reports are coming that Google on Tuesday announced that they launched a new initiative, committing $300 million to help news publishers get more paid subscribers while stemming the flow of misinformation. Yes, you are reading it right, as per the reports, the company is now working on official kicking out the misinformation websites and blog and will help the real news agencies or organization.

How Google Boosts efforts to help News Organisation With $300 million Budget

As you all may know that the internet giant described the Google News as Initiative as part of an “effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age.” They are working on positively and made good out of all of the bad things. The announcement in New York followed a series of commitments to help the troubled sector by Google. As you all may know that, it is been accused by some of the news industry for sapping revenues from the digital ecosystem.

Also, the Google chief business officer Philipp Schindler Official said that”I have always believed that the future of Google and the future of our publishing partners were linked.” Also, he added that “If you are not successful, we are not successful.” Sources are saying that by this new option Google will enable its users to subscribe to news sites in as little as two clicks through their Google accounts.

Also, it will step up efforts to help news organizations add paying subscribers. The initiative was developed with some 60 media partners including the Washington Post, Financial Times, French-based Le Figaro, Brazil’s Grupo Globo and Italy’s La Republica. Overall, these all websites are going to be the part of much bigger Google plan.

Objectives outlined by the initiative included raising the quality of journalism; strengthening business models of publishers, and helping news organizations capitalize on technological innovations. Also, the company said that the Google News Initiative is intended to consolidate the technology firm’s efforts to support journalism, according to Schindler.