How To Avoid A Shark Attack in a ” Shark Week”

How To Avoid A Shark Attack in a ” Shark Week”: Discovery Channel, from today onwards started airing more than 20 hours of shark programming known as “Shark Week.” This is going to carry on till August 4. Discovery Channel from the year 1988, haven’t chosen a week in July or early August every single year in order to feature extensive amounts of shark-based TV programming.

The amazing line-up features brand-new shark stories.  The first ever premiere of its scripted project was on October 1982 a real life attack that stars Love, Simon’s Josh Duhamel and Roswell, New Mexico’s Tyler Blackburn.

The huge success of “Shark Week” highpoints the plotting, awe, mystery, and fear that these inhabitants of the sea carry on to generate among humans. For its 31st anniversary, Shark Week is going to “deliver all-new groundbreaking shark stories revealing remarkable insights into the mysterious world of these magnificent creatures,” as per to a press release.

In the same press release, the company also stated that this year’s Shark Week is going to take people “to the depths of the ocean in search of Deep Blue, employ the first ‘drone-towed’ seal decoy, and test some of the most exciting, cutting-edge technology for shark detecting surveillance.”

Tips for Surviving a Shark Attack

Well, there are many people who love to spend their time in the ocean, but who knows the coming danger. So, you must be prepared for every situation and with the help of these points you can probably survive a shark attack.

Here are some things that you can do to avoid the shark attacks

  • So, its very basic and common but also true at the same time that the best way to not get hurt by sharks is to avoid going into water which is already having sharks. It sounds stupid but there are many people do this same mistake.
  • Well, you must have seen many sharks movies, so you obviously know that the first thing that attracts shark is the blood. Make sure that you don’t bleed in the sea, if somehow you get a cut then move out immediately as sharks can sense the blood from even more than a mile away.
  • Also, there are many people who thinks that blood is the only thing that attracts the sharks but you are wrong, if you have a habit of peeing in the ocean then stop doing that as sharks also gets attracted to Urine. Don’t forget that they have great sensing ability.
  • Don’t go alone at the ocean, try to be in group as sharks mostly don’t attack the group but the possibility increase with an individual. Try to be away from deeper water and the entrances to harbours.

If somehow the shark ended up attacking you then don’t ever try to play dead as they going to eat you whether you are alive or dead. Also don’t lose your focus and try to fight back by hitting hard at the sharks head and its sensitive parts like gills and eyes.

Hope this might help you in avoiding the shark attacks and to be more aware.