How to choose gold bracelets and its style

Jewelry is really a very important thing for women. In this world, there is basically no woman who can refuse the temptation of jewelry. Just like gold jewelry, when a shiny gold bracelet is in front of you, I believe many people can’t refuse its beauty.

Every woman has some gold jewelry. The color of gold is very lining the skin color. Expect brightening the color, it can also enhance your temperament. The whole person looks fashionable and noble. Therefore, some people will choose to wear a gold bracelet, which is both beautiful and generous.

When choosing a gold bracelet, women often don’t know what is the best style for them. Once they choose the wrong one, they may look older at least ten years. To know how to choose a gold bracelet, pay attention to these characteristics, women of any age look good.

Choose a solid bracelet visit

Some bracelets look big and wide, but the price is very cheap because it is hollow. Everyone knows that the texture of gold is soft and variability. If you buy a hollow bracelet, it will look good at first, and it will be deformed or even broken when the time is long.

Solid bracelets are worn more than hollow bracelets, and no matter how long they are worn, solid bracelets don’t change too much. And the hollow bracelet is generally not good in texture, looks light and fluttering, I don’t know if someone else thought you bought fake gold! Therefore, we must pay special attention.

Simple pattern, more texture

Speaking of gold jewelry, many people will think of it, the golden gold, the complex old-fashioned pattern carved on the gold bracelet, is simply synonymous with old-fashioned. In fact, no matter what age women, when buying gold bracelets, they should still choose the simple atmosphere as the primary choice.

No matter when, simple things will not be outdated, and gold jewelry is the same. Whether it’s matte or glossy, the simple gold bracelet is always more temperament, perfect for any occasion.

No hidden buckle style, more advanced

Some gold bracelets, in order to facilitate the extraction, will design a hidden buckle on the bracelet, some people for the convenience and safety, will choose a bracelet with a hidden buckle style. However, from the point of view of the wearing effect, the bracelet with the hidden buckle does not as beautiful as the bracelet with no hidden buckle.

Bracelet with a hidden buckle, there is no clean and simple cordless design in the style design, the hidden buckle sometimes looks a bit redundant, lacking a simple and elegant beauty. The pursuit of exquisite sisters should pay attention to the fact that this style of bracelet may not be very meticulous in detail, don’t regret after you buy it.

The weight of the gold bracelet is generally not light, so the price is not cheap. When buying a gold bracelet, everybody definitely wants to choose one that makes you most satisfied. Otherwise, it’s distressed for using so much money.

In order to make your bracelets have a sense of texture, you must observe more when purchasing, pay more attention, try to avoid these situations we mentioned. In terms of style, it is also best to use simple and generous styles. The classic is eternal. Whether it is 20 years old or 30 years old, or 40 years old and 50 years old, a simple and generous style is suitable for women of every age.

It is very temperament to choose one suitable for oneself, showing the color, but if you do not choose the right one, it will be a bit old-fashioned and tacky. Therefore, when you buy, you can see and compare more, and try to buy the bracelet that makes you most satisfied.

Jewelry, such as diamond rings, gold rings, bracelets, opening, or fixed loops better? There are many types of jewelry. flexible or fixed loops jewelry is generally ring and bracelet, such as gold ring, gold bracelets, diamond rings, etc., which specific kind is good depends on the material and style of jewelry.

Gold ring: The common gold ring getnamenecklace is mainly opening and adjustable. This type is convenient for adjusting the size of the circle. It can be worn by people of fat and thin type. It will not be said that you have been fat after two years, and the ring can not be worn, or while you’re thinner and the circle number is too big to fall down.

Some friends think that the open ring is easy to drop and rub clothes. Of course, there are also some cases. There is no perfect golden ring for all people. If the open ring feels unsuitable, you can go to the repair shop to solder it, or tie the opening with a thin fishing line and red rope, thus avoiding the embarrassment of everyday wear.

The gold bracelet has three common types: opening, adjustable mouth, and fixed ring. The adjustable mouth bracelet can be adjusted to the size of the gold bracelet, which is the most suitable for daily wear and high safety factor.

The gold bracelet of the fixed ring mouth is also called the dead mouth. The number is not much before. The circle number is mainly in double numbers, such as 56, 58, 60. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to put on and take off, and the big circle is easy to fall. If the circle number is small, it is not good to wear it. And it’s difficult for people whose the wrists are too fat or too thin to pick the style because ordinary jewelry stores do not have so many laps to choose.

The current ancient gold bracelets and heritage bracelets are mainly based on this kind of dead mouth, which is the trend that drives the whole fashion style, making the gold bracelet of the dead mouth popular again.

There are not many gold bracelets in the opening style. The old models have two-shaped bean-shaped styles, and the new ones are mainly hard gold. The slim wrist is easy to fall which not recommended for wearing the opening gold bracelets.

In addition, the 18K gold or diamond ring is mainly the fixed ring of the dead ring. The fixed ring of diamond ring is for a higher safety factor on the ring, and the diamond is not easy to drop.

Ordinary 18K gold rings also have some openings or rings with adjustable lap numbers, but because K gold is high in hardness, it is not convenient to adjust, and there are not many people who like to wear gold.