Make More Space: How to delete WhatsApp ‘Good Morning’ Images on Android?

Make More Space: How to delete WhatsApp ‘Good Morning’ images on Android?: – If you are from India, then you perhaps wake up after having the ‘Good Morning’ messages which is like part of your daily routine. This is so because the smartphone now days became popular in the whole nation.

WhatsApp Good Morning images

Indians are also said to have a habit of forwarding badly edited ‘Good Morning’ images, memes, and even videos via WhatsApp to their various groups and contacts literally. WhatsApp Business App Features

While this is also regarded as a crucial and significant activity of the day for all elderly population anyway, sometimes, it is looking like annoying for young folks and for the Google. Wonder why?

The mainstream of the Indian smartphone user base consists this is in the affordable low-end Android smartphones with low storage capacities is there.

How to delete WhatsApp Good Morning Images?

With more than hundreds of ‘Good morning’ messages and the similar greetings in the form of images, GIFs and videos flooding WhatsApp chats in the whole nation anyway, storage spaces on these low-end smartphones are filling up faster which are more than even expectations.

This is leading to the slowing of Android-based smartphones, that is also affecting the user experience to display that the Google wishes to distribute to the whole board.

A report from The Wall Street Journal said that all Indian prefer to bond with their families and friends primarily on WhatsApp instead of any other social media site.

WhatsApp’s real-time service also makes people able to share stuff on the platform instead of its parent company’s social media platform Facebook. Most WhatsApp users keep the auto-download images option which is also default, and it keeps flooding the local storage on the smartphones or the android.

A flooded local storage displays the overall user experience which is also regarded as the dedicated websites that keep making these kinds of images, GIFs, and videos live.

And these are the most of messages, images or the forwarding kinds of stuff which get forwarded on WhatsApp and end up reaching those who even don’t like such stuff anyway.  Die With Me Chatting App

Google has been up burning the midnight oil which also deduced that India’s elderly smartphone user that is based on prefers to send ‘e-junk’ on WhatsApp that actually known for spreading positivity and good wishes around.

So, for the nation’s elderly people who are obsessed with WhatsApp, Google is taking the help of artificial intelligence (AI) that is its clever image recognition technologies to speed up India’s low-end midrange smartphones.

Their recent Google File Go app, that is meant to be a smart file managing solution for the entry-level Android smartphone users, that is also using the Google’s prowess in AI to fish out these annoying photos and videos which are come from the smartphones. Google Arts Project App

Google’s smart algorithm also appeared for the specific and certain key properties of these images such as file sizes and file extension, along with certain visual deconstruction abilities which can read the junk files and provide the users with an option by using that they can delete the same.

This is available for free to download on the Google PlayStore.

If you are having an extremely short on storage space, then by your wise you can turn off ‘auto download images and videos’ on mobile data and Wi-Fi, thus letting you decide and determined what to download and what not to.

Also, it is advisable to keep clearing cache memory so you can remove unused apps to dig out and extract more space on your Android device.