How to find trends on tiktok 2023

TikTok is the youngest of the TOP popular social networks. The main feature is the focus on short videos with self-inflicted effects and music. Hundreds of new users appear on the network literally every minute. And all Tiktokers, both beginners and experienced users, are united by the question of how to find network trends. To answer this question, we recommend visiting the website where all the main points of the topic are explained in detail.

Challenges are one of the key trends

Tasks (Challenges), which bloggers invent and place in their accounts, have become a successful find for TikTok. It can be swimming in a puddle, a dance, an acrobatic act, and in general anything. It is important that it is not easy, fun, interesting and contagious.

Challenge is the main trend of this social network, thanks to it many users chose TikTok and became its fans. Together with the use of the tiktok editing app, the challenges have become classics of the genre.

How to become popular on TikTok

TikTok displays videos that the system selects based on the number of comments, likes, and views. Geography, content, and hashtags are also taken into account.

This is a rather “neurotic” network, so in order to get into the recommended ones, you need to constantly monitor the most resonant trends, challenges and tags, as well as use the best tiktok editing app. Bloggers are constantly watching what is happening in order to have time to participate in the general movement and make the content that is in demand.

But that is far from all. In addition to what you need to shoot, it is important to properly design, that is, use fashionable filters and design, tiktok video editor. The most popular videos are about 10-15 seconds long. Tiktok itself has everything you need to cut frames, apply effects and process and to edit tiktok video.

TikTok trends

Trends are what are most popular and attract general attention. These directions are:

  • Songs and music;

  • Jokes with changing clothes and changing appearance;

  • Sport;

  • Emotions;

  • Automotive theme;

  • Videos about animals;

  • Kitchen and cooking;

  • Life hacks for TikTok and more.

As you can see, all topics are what people have been writing about, making films about, and what they have been interested in for decades.

Music and songs are an eternal theme that originated with humanity itself. Long before social media, repetitive and rhythmic melodies attracted attention.

Carnivals, theater, festive festivities, myths and magical tales are based on disguise and recognizability, in which the changed hero returns home and is not recognized… TikTok continues this tradition.

Sports challenges that are based on the fact that you need to run, push or pull up are very popular. It’s good to be an athlete blogger because you can record content literally every workout, it’s important to do it in a fun and meaningful way.

Emotions are what modern culture is built around. Not logic and science, but the desire to get pleasure, to be happy and to please – this is what many people are filming videos for now.

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