How To Redact PDF- Online And Offline Solutions

There are maximum chances that you have already opened a PDF file in your life before. PDF files are extremely popular nowadays. People from almost every age group are using PDFs for one or another purpose. However, with the use of PDFs, also arises the requirement for tools like a free pdf editor that makes it easier for users to work with the PDFs and manage them in the most efficient manner possible. Thanks to technology we have some wonderful tools available that make our experience of working with PDFs really effortless and efficient.

How To Redact PDF- Online And Offline Solutions

When we use PDFs, there might arise a situation when a particular type of content is required to be hidden or removed from the file. Or we can assume this to be a case when the sender is trying to share a document but there is certain content that is private and sensitive as a part of the document. Now, the sender wishes to make sure that the recipient can assess the document those segments are not visible to the recipient. How is this going to be possible? Well, there is the option available to simply hide the sensitive content and deliver the document to the recipient, instead of having to delete anything. And this simple procedure is known as PDF redaction. The right tool allows users to redact PDF online and offline as well. Today, we shall discuss the steps to redact PDFs with the help of the appropriate tools.

Why Need Redact PDF Files

PDFelement is a comprehensive PDF editor with a variety of tools available in it that can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at the same time and can change the experience of the users when working with PDFs. This amazing tool has made it easier for several organizations and companies to work with PDFs by offering them plenty of features. Some of the crucial features of the tool include the ease-of-use, affordability, speed, and compatibility with different devices. Its unique features are also a great reason why several users choose to rely on this pdf filler application. Users can easily perform a variety of tasks with their PDF files by using this tool. These tasks include converting, printing, compressing, protecting, formatting, sharing, and redacting as well.

For many professions, such as lawyers, teachers, bank clerks, etc., it is necessary to encrypt sensitive information when accessing PDF documents. Here, the redact tool available on PDFelement can prove to be highly effective. File redacting can be needed when some part of the content needs to be hidden or removed when sharing the PDF file.

How To Redact PDFs With PDFelement

Protection of PDF files gets quite essential if the document is meant to be kept safe. PDFelement has a feature that can add additional security to PDF files. Below-mentioned steps to redact PDFs are simple and easy to follow, have a look at them to complete the process in no time. Before going further, make sure that you have successfully installed the PDFelement app on your device.

Step1: Open PDF Protector
Run the PDFelement app on your device and search for the ‘Protect’ tab and then click on the ‘Set Password’ option to proceed.

Step2: Encrypt PDF files
In the next step, you are required to set an Open Password to not let others view your PDF file. This way only you and the people allowed by you will have the access to edit and make changes to the PDF.

Step 3. Redact text/images in PDF
As soon as you set up an Open Password, redact any image or text in the PDF. You can easily do it just by clicking on ‘Mark for Redaction’. That’s it, your work is done!

How To Redact PDFs With HiPDF

One of the best PDF tools being used around the globe by PDF users is HiPDF. There are a variety of features available in HiPDF that allows users to process PDFs effortlessly and work with higher efficiency. One of the several features of HiPDF is redact on pdf. The redact tool available on the application helps in redacting both texts and images easily. Users can save a significant amount of their time and effort with this awesome tool. Being a cloud-based application, one of the greatest things about this PDF tool is its availability. Users can access it anywhere and at any time as per their requirements.

The following are the simple steps that any user can follow to redact a PDF file:

Step1: Open Redact PDF
This is the first and basic step the user needs to follow to redact PDF with the application. Users can simply open the online page for redacting PDFs on HiPDF.

Step2: Drop or Choose Files
Here, the “choose file” button can be found which allows users to pick the file that needs to be redacted. The file explorer window that opens on clicking on the “choose file” will allow the users to find the target PDF and open it to perform redaction.

Step 3. Redact Text/images in PDF
The tool allows users to redact content in the form of both images and text. Simply pick the content that needs to be redacted. Then click on the “apply” option to make sure that the redaction is completed. Simply download your redacted PDF and enjoy sharing it.

Other Features of Wondershare PDFelement

Besides redact PDF, PDFelement offers a variety of other tools and features as well. This comprehensive editing tool can help users in editing their PDF files in the most convenient manner possible. Also, some complicated yet significant tasks like reading and annotating PDF files can also be completed with this application. In fact, filling and signing PDF forms can also be done more quickly and easily with a PDF editing tool like PDFelement.


While it is inevitable for users to use PDF files in their day-to-day life, they can look for options that make their tasks much more efficient and easier. Tools like PDFelement and HiPDF with a variety of functions have proven to be an absolute ban for PDF users. As a person who deals with PDFs regularly, you must use these tools to save your precious time and effort.

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