How to International Champions Cup 2018 Benfica vs Juventus Live Stream Online & Offline

How to International Champions Cup 2018 Benfica vs Juventus Live Stream Online & Offline: Well, if you are looking for the International Champions Cup 2018, online updates and Live score updates then you are on a very right page. It doesn’t matter in which country you are living, if you wanted to watch the International Champions Cup 2018 then you can stream it online or on various TV Channels. International Champions Cup 2018 is the biggest football tournament in the world right now and this year it is being held in Russia. We’ve compiled a handy list of all the companies that have broadcasting rights for the International Champions Cup 2018. FIFA World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony Live Streaming

Here, we are going to share the countries and TV Names along with them so you can check how to watch FIFA 2018 live streaming on TV or Online. You all can watch the whole tournament in any country and territory around the world. You all can check the whole list of live streaming matches online. Check out our list of FIFI live streaming on TV below. FIFA World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony Live Streaming, Timing, & Telecast

How to Watch International Champions Cup 2018 online on TV, Country wise-

Afghanistan: Ariana TV (TV only)

Bahrain: beIN Sports Connect

Bangladesh: Sony Pictures Networks India

Bhutan: Sony Pictures Networks India

Brunei: Astro

Cambodia: Cambodia Television Network (CTN)

China PR: China Central Television (CCTV), Youku

Chinese Taipei: ELTA

Hong Kong: Now TV, ViuTV

India: Sony Liv

Indonesia: Trans TV, Usee TV

Iran: beIN Sports Connect

Iraq: beIN Sports Connect

Japan: NHK, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, TBS FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming

Jordan: beIN Sports Connect


Korea Republic: KBS, MBC

Kuwait: beIN Sports Connect

Kyrgyzstan: Saran Media has the rights. Channels or websites unknown.


Lebanon: beIN Sports Connect

Macau: TDM

Malaysia: Astro

Maldives: Sony Pictures Networks India

Mongolia: NTV, MNB

Myanmar: Daruma Pte Ltd

Nepal: Sony Pictures Networks India Sony Ten Live Streaming: FIFA World Cup 2018

Oman: beIN Sports Connect

Pakistan: Sony Pictures Networks India

Palenstine: beIN Sports Connect

Philippines: ABS – CBN Broadcasting Corporation

Qatar: beIN Sports Connect

Saudi Arabia: beIN Sports Connect

Singapore: StarHub, Mediacorp

Sri Lanka: Sony Pictures Networks India

Syria: beIN Sports Connect

Tajikistan: Saran Media has the rights and Match TV appears to be the channel broadcasting.

Thailand: True Visions Group

Timor Leste: ETO-TELCO, LDA Sony Ten 3 (Sports) Live Streaming: FIFA World Cup 2018

Turkmenistan: Saran Media has the rights. Channels or websites unknown.

United Arab Emirates: beIN Sports Connect

Uzbekistan: Uzreport TV; Saran Media also has the rights so check Match TV

Yemen: beIN Sports Connect


International Champions Cup 2018 online in Europe

Albania: Radiotelevisioni Shqiptar

Andorra: beIN Sports France, TF1

Armenia: Public Television & Radio Armenia

Austria: Oesterreichischer Rundfunk

Azerbaijan: Ictimai

Belarus: Belaruskaja Tele-Radio Companija

Belgium: RTBF, VRT

Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT

Bulgaria: BNT

Channel Islands: BBC, ITV

Croatia: HRT

Cyprus: Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation JioTv Live Stream Online: Fifa World Cup 2018

Czech Republic: Ceska Televize

Denmark: TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV

Estonia: Eesti Rahvusringhääling

Faroe Islands: TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV

Finland: Yleisradio OY

France: beIN Sports France, TF1

Georgia: Georgian Public Broadcasting

Germany: ARD, ZDF

Greece: ERT S.A.

Greenland: TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV

Hungary: Magyar Televizio

Iceland: RUV

Ireland: RTE

Isle of Man: BBC, ITV

Israel: IPBC

Italy: Mediaset Italy

Kazakhstan: Qazaqstan

Kosovo: RTK

Latvia: Latvijas Televizija

Liechtenstein: SRG SSR

Lithuania: Lietuvos Radijas Ir Televizija

Luxembourg: Canaal Digital (according to this, FIFA website doesn’t mention any details)

Macedonia FYR: Macedonian Radio and Television

Malta: Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. (PBS)

Moldova: Teleradio Moldova

Monaco: beIN Sports France, TF1

Montenegro: RTCG – Radio Televizija Crne Gore

Netherlands: Nederlandse Omroep Stichting

Norway: TV2, NRK

Poland: Telewizja Polska

Portugal: Radio e Televisao de Portugal, SIC, Sport TV Portugal

Romania: Televiziunea Romana

Russia: JSC Channel One Russia, Match TV, Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company

San Marino: Mediaset Italy

Serbia: Radiotelevizija Srbije Airtel TV Live Streaming: Fifa World Cup 2018

Slovakia: Radio and Television Slovakia

Slovenia: Radiotelevizija Slovenija

Spain: Mediaset España

Sweden: TV4

Switzerland: SRG SSR

Turkey: Turkiye Radyo-Televizyon Kurumu

Ukraine: UAPBC (although the Ukranian broadcaster owns rights, it may not broadcast the World Cup), NTN, Inter TV Channel

United Kingdom: BBC, ITV

Vatican City: Mediaset Italy

Sony Six Live Stream: FIFA World Cup 2018

How to Watch International Champions Cup 2018 online in Australia and Oceania

American Samoa: Fox Sports, Telemundo

Australia: SBS, Optus

Cook Islands: Fiji TV

Fiji: Fiji TV

French Polynesia: beIN Sports France, TF1

Kiribati: Fiji TV

Micronesia: Fiji TV

Nauru: Fiji TV

New Caledonia: beIN Sports France, TF1

New Zealand: Sky

Niue: Fiji TV

Palau: Fiji TV

Papua New Guinea: Fiji TV, EMTV

Samoa: Fiji TV

Solomon Islands: Fiji TV, TTV

Tonga: Fiji TV

Tuvalu: Fiji TV

Vanuatu: Fiji TV


How to Watch International Champions Cup 2018 online in Africa

Algeria: beIN Sports Connect

Angola: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Benin: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Botswana: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Burkina Faso: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Burundi: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Cameroon: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes Cape Verde: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Central African Republic: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Chad: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Comoros: beIN Sports Connect

Congo Brazzaville: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Cote d’Ivoire: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Democratic Republic of Congo: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Djibouti: beIN Sports Connect

Egypt: beIN Sports Connect

Equatorial Guinea: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Eritrea: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Ethiopia: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Gabon: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Gambia: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Ghana: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Guinea Bissau: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Guinea Conakry: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Kenya: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Lesotho: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Liberia: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Libya: beIN Sports Connect

Madagascar: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Malawi: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Mali: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Mauritania: beIN Sports Connect

Mauritius: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Morocco: beIN Sports Connect

Mozambique: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Namibia: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Niger: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Nigeria: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Reunion: beIN Sports France, TF1

Rwanda: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Sao Tome and Principe: Econet, Supersport

Senegal: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Seychelles: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Sierra Leone: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Somalia: beIN Sports Connect

South Africa: SABC, Supersport, StarTimes

South Sudan: beIN Sports Connect

Sudan: beIN Sports Connect

Swaziland (now known as Eswatini): Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Tanzania: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Togo: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Tunisia: beIN Sports Connect

Uganda: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Zambia: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

Zimbabwe: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes


How to Watch International Champions Cup 2018 online in North and South America

Antigua and Barbuda: DirecTV Latin America

Anguilla: DirecTV Latin America

Argentina: DirecTV Latin America, Radio y Televisión Argentina S.E., TRISA

Aruba: DirecTV Latin America

Bahamas: ZNS, DirecTV Latin America

Barbados: DirecTV Latin America

Belize: DirecTV Latin America

Bermuda: DirecTV Latin America, Bermuda Broadcasting Corp

Bolivia: Bolivia Red Unitel, DirecTV Latin America, Red Uno de Bolivia

Brazil: Globosat (SporTV)

British Virgin Islands: DirecTV Latin America

Canada: CTV, TSN, RDS

Cayman Islands: DirecTV Latin America

Chile: Canal 13, DirecTV Latin America, Televisión Nacional de Chile, Mega, Telefonica Moviles Chile

Colombia: DirecTV Latin America, RCN Televisión, Caracol Television, S.A.

Costa Rica: Teletica, Sky Costa Rica, Telefonica Centro America, S.A.

Cuba: Cuban TV – ICRT

Curaçao: DirecTV Latin America, Jachmin Pinedo Productions

Dominica: DirecTV Latin America

Dominican Republic: DirecTV Latin America

Ecuador: DirecTV Latin America, RTS

El Salvador: Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky El Salvador, Telecorporacion Salvadorena Inc.

Granada: DirecTV Latin America

Guatemala: Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky Guatemala, TV Azteca Guatemala

Guadeloupe: beIN Sports France, TF1

Guyana: DirecTV Latin America

Haiti: DirecTV Latin America

Honduras: Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky Honduras, Canal 5

Jamaica: DirecTV Latin America, Television Jamaica

Martinique: beIN Sports France, TF1

Montserrat: DirecTV Latin America

Mexico: Televisa, Blue to Go, Azteca Deportes

Nicaragua: Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Canal 2, Sky Nicaragua

Panama: Telefonica Centro America, S.A., TVN, Canal 4

Paraguay: DirecTV Latin America

Peru: DirecTV Latin America, Canal 2, Panamericana Television

Puerto Rico: Fox Sports, Telemundo

Saint Kitts and Nevis: DirecTV Latin America

Saint Lucia: DirecTV Latin America

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: DirecTV Latin America

Suriname: DirecTV Latin America, Suriname Cable & Communication Network NV

Trinidad and Tobago: DirecTV Latin America, CNC3

Turks and Caicos Islands: DirecTV Latin America

United States of America: Fox Sports, Telemundo

Uruguay: DirecTV Latin America, Teledoce, Canal 10, Canal 4

US Virgin Islands: DirecTV Latin America

Venezuela: Galaxy Entertainment (DirecTV Venezuela)

We tried to come up with this list by NDTV’s original post. Also, if you have any question the please let us know in comment section. If you are living in India then Hotstar could be your right option to watch the live streaming.