How to watch live TV on computer or laptop?

How to watch live TV on computer or laptop?: Television was and is the best medium of transmitting moving images whether it is the news, sports, movies, TV series or songs. Many people have lost their contact with television due to their busy schedule and still miss watching their favorite stuff like old times. Well, you can still watch TV on your computer or laptop in various ways. IPL 12 Live Streaming

Watch live TV on computer or laptop

Plug in a TV tuner

There are many networks that air their channels for free. Some of the networks are NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS, etc. You can watch these channels free of cost but for that you need to purchase an antenna that is pretty small in size. The antenna we are talking about is known as plug-in TV Tuner. It comes in the form of a dongle that can be plugged into an USB port. It then catches the network channel’s signals and displays it on your computer.

The TV Plug-in Tuner that will help you catch signal at a good range is Mohu Curve 50 ($70 on Amazon) and HD Frequency Cable Cutter Metro ($24 on Amazon). Well, both the Tuner have different price due to their signal catching ranges. Mohu Curve 50 has a range of 60 mile while on the other hand HD Frequency Cable Cutter Metro has a range of 25 mile. These antenna like things can convert your computer of laptop into a television.

Through online streaming

If you don’t want to spend money of purchasing any hardware to convert your computer into television then you can visit online websites that provide live broadcasting. For example, online website provides live broadcasting of sports. You don’t need to go here and there and can just click on that site to find your favourite sport live streaming.

Other than Hotstar, there are plenty apps that provide live streaming of TV series and movies. Sony LIV app is one of them where you can watch your favourite show live without any problem. Sony LIV app only provides the airing of only one channel.

Tips for Watching Online TV via Streaming Sites

Watch Free Live TV Streaming on Laptop or PC

Monthly services

If you want to get more than one channel network, then you have to subscribe to monthly services. YouTube TV provides monthly service of 50 channels but for that you have to pay $40 per month to get the subscription. YouTube TV also gives a service of free trial. In that, you can make sure that what channels will be broadcasted and how it would feel while watching your favourite channels on YouTube TV.

Cable subscriptions

If there is a television at your house but you are somewhere else for a reason and are missing your shows then there is no problem. You can easily tune your computer into television with your cable subscription. You just need to fill username and password to log in to the cable subscription and enjoy watching TV in your computer or laptop.