HRD ministry renamed as education ministry cabinet approves NEP.

One of the most important departments in the Education department in India because education is the best way to groom someone with skills. because the parent sends their children to school colleges to get some knowledge which helps them to survive them in the future. all things which are gonna be a change in education all depend on the education department. the department takes a lot of steps which is really very helpful to children. and these steps brush up the student’s skill whether its grooming session or something another but now the HRD ministry renamed as education ministry cabinet approves NEP.

HRD ministry renamed as education ministry

NEW DELHI: The union cabinet on Wednesday vowed that (NEP)  new national policy and renamed the Ministry of HRD as education ministry governmentally said that the panel led by the (ISRO) formar Indian space research organization the chief K.kasturirangan had relevant the draft of the (NEP) new education policy to union human resources.

The current (NEP) new education policy was framed in 1986 and the rectified in the since of 1992 a new education policy was a portion of the (BJP) the Bhartiya Janta party’s declaration ahead of the 2014  general election. .the specialist of drafting even took into the account report of a panel headed by the former cabinet secretary T S R Subramaniam and formed by the (HRD) human resources department ministry. when it was being headed by union minister Smriti Irani.


  • The option of entry or exit in the high-education.
  • legal or medical education is not included.
  • technology increase in education.
  • the e-courses starts in 8 state languages.


  • The national education policy suggested that increasing the right to education RTE covering children in the age of 3-18 years.
  • the latest policy of the new education policy has provisions that provide the student with increased the resilience and choice of subjects to study across various streams such as arts, humanities, sciences, sports, and the other vocational subjects.
  • as per the new education policy NEP document published supra that the draft based on the foundational pillars access. like affordability, equity, quality, and accountability: this the expected to be the sentiment of the new education policy.

This is the policy of 2020 of the new national education (NEP). In the changes in education for the sack of students because the education ministry knows that which type of changes would be better for the students. because whether its school or college, the first step of learning something is a precious thing to everyone.

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