Huawei new Smartwatch 3 may let you Write on your hand instead as a Notepad

Huawei new Smartwatch may let you Write on your hand instead as a Notepad: – Well, Huawei is always a big game changer when it comes to the technology and branding. They always try to come up with strong ideas and great innovation in the tech world. Here, we are saying that Huawei now holds a unique gesture control method for smartwatches. Reports are coming that the company is looking quite great and working way too hard on various techs. After getting approval for a touch-sensitive bezel patent we think that it could work fine when they are going to launch this Smartphone soon in the market.

Huawei Smartwatch 3

It looks like that the Chinese company might solve the problem of interacting with small screens and the difficulty to operate tiny smartwatches. As you all may know that the Smartwatches are coming up with great features but they hadn’t really had that big screen and that affected the whole market. Now, it looks like that Huawei could come up with something cool just like we mentioned below in details. Huawei P20 Triple Lens Rear Camera

Huawei Smartwatch 3 Features

According to the online sources, the sensor can project movements in four directions around the watch which will enable users to draw gestures even in the air. This is made possible through the use of multiple ultrasonic or infrared sensors. We are sure that the new upcoming watch is going to make you all amazed for sure. You all are going to love this Smartwatch for sure.

Huawei Smartwatch 3

Reports are coming that the new smartwatch will let you write down the notes on your hand as a notepad. The sensor can even detect when you start and stopped writing. Also, the reports are coming that users need to keep in mind that their hand is aligned at the level of sensors to use it as a trackpad. Writing something on the back of the hand can be seen on the smartwatch’s display. Additionally, gestures such as double-clicking, long-press and multiple finger-gestures can also be used to operate the smartwatch.