Huma Qureshi to work as a lead with Tom Cruise in The Mummy Reboot!

Huma Qureshi to work as a lead with Tom Cruise in The Mummy Reboot! : Well, if I say Hollywood is looking towards Bollywood for casting the female actress a lot than I can say that is a true statement because it looking like after Priyanka. And Deepika in XXX with Vin Disel Hollywood again picked up another talented actress Huma Qureshi for the movie Mummy Reboot with the Tom Cruise in leading role.


And if this news is correct than this could be the best opportunity for the Huna Qureshi to show her talent because Hollywood is not that small platform and I am sure that she knows that too,

According to the recent reports Universal production wants to cast Huma in their most popular series The Mummy and this time they going to make it bit more big with the Tom Cruise and sources saying that the Huma is going to play the main lead role with Tom Cruise where the movie going to depend on both of these actors.

Well, The Mummy is one of the most famous and popular movie of Universal production also this movie going to be big budget movie as well as this movie has big name like Tom Cruise this time and he is the one of the most popular actor form Hollywood and he has the good Fan Following around the world and if this news is confirmed than I am sure that this could be the biggest news for the Huma as well as for the her fans.

If I talk about Huma than I can say that she is one of the most talented actress came from Bollywood she has good acting talent even she show herself a lot in the movie like “Gangs of Wasaepur” also she still trying her best to reach the stardom and if this movie went good for her than I am sure that she going to be one of the most popular actress in Bollywood.

Also the Hollywood who is looking a lot talent in India this could be another good news for the people who wanted to see home faces in foreign movies that’s why we are saying that this news is so big and we have our eye on it.