Hundreds of foreign students detained for Visa Scam: Including 129 Indian Students

Hundreds of foreign students detained for Visa Scam: Including 129 Indian Students: Total numbers of 130 foreign students are imprisoned for registering in a fake university including which 129 students were Indians. Days after their arrest, India give out a demarche to the American Embassy in New Delhi on which the State Department replied that were aware that they were committing a crime to fraudulently remain in the US.

Indian students detained in visa scam were aware of their crime: US

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) arrested the foreign students last week for enrolling at the University of Farmington apparently to keep on in America.

The forged university was set up by the investigating unit of DHS in Greater Detroit region to smash the “pay-and-stay” racket.

On Monday, the spokesperson of State Department said in his statement, “All participants in this scheme knew that the University of Farmington had no instructors or classes (neither on-line nor in-person) and were aware they were committing a crime in an attempt to fraudulently remain in the United States”.

On Saturday, India issued a demarche to the American Embassy in New Delhi, conveying its worry over the custody of Indian students and wanted immediate consular access to them. After that the State Department’s reply came telling that they were fully aware of their doings and its consequences.

The External Affairs Ministry said India sustained to thoroughly observe the circumstances rising out of the mass custody.

There were eight of the individuals who ran this racket, who have been arrested and are in the custody. They were either Indian citizen or Indian American.

The fake university had no classes and was also having low tuition fee. The forged university gave work permits on the very first of the registrations of the students and were having around 600 students, a vast majority of Indians.

The concrete number of individuals imprisoned is much higher. A number of the students who were free and a lot of those who get away from custody have left the country.

The authorities have been radio tagging the unknown number of Indian students have also put restrictions on their movements.

On the other hand, Indian Embassy has made a forceful effort in order to reach out to these students and to provide them help legally with the help of community leaders.

Indian Embassy Opens Hotline For 129 Students Detained In US Visa Scam

Well-known Indian-Americans as well as some media outlets have been also questioned the modus operandi of the US government in the custody of Indians in the scam of “pay-and-stay” university visa by saying that trapping of acquitted students is a crime, illegal and immoral.

The State Department in their first reaction said, “More than a million international students’ study at US institutions each year, including approximately 196,000 Indian students last year. Instances of fraud schemes are rare, unfortunate aberrations in the proud history of educational exchange between the United States and India”.

The State Department also said, “It is unfortunate that some student recruiters and individuals seek to use the international student programme to foster illegal immigration status in the United States”.

In a statement the foreign friends of BJO USA, said that it was surprised and shocking to know that 129 students of Indian-origin were detained by the ICE, with about 600 students’ destiny and future in trouble.

North America Telugu Association said, “It is very unfortunate that several students are affected by this University and majority are Telugu students. Most of these students have joined to get their work permits without knowing that this college is not accredited and became victims of this. Their dreams are shattered now”.