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Husband of Rape Victim in Haryana is Real Life Hero for our World

Husband of Rape Victim in Haryana is Real Life Hero for our World: This world is cruel and we had to write “Rap Victim’s Husband” in heading so we can really get your attention. We should have written something like “Strongest Women’s Husband” because she isn’t victim, not anymore as she is fighting along with her husband.  Yes! A man from Haryana married a Gang Rape Victim and he did sold his property to fight a long on-going battle for justice in court. He didn’t stop as he received threats from the accused and when you are reading this he is fighting the battle for her wife, with her wife.

This whole article might look emotional to you but trust me it is reality and sometimes we have to cope with the facts. This is a real life story of Jitender Chattar, a farmer from Haryana’s Jind district who didn’t just married a rape victim. Even, he is fighting for the justice for her. Now, if this isn’t inspiring then you all should know that both of them are pursuing law so they can fight their battle on their own. Even, they have planning to help other survivors too.

Jitender told the media that his wife was gang raped by eight men. The rapists took photos of her, made video of her during the rape and filmed it to blackmail her later. Also, the reports are coming that she was shot naked and they used the pictures to rape her for a year-and-a-half. They both were not married when this whole crime took place but soon after the engagement she told everything to Jitender and his family.

Despites calling off the marriage Jitender and his family accepted her wife and stood up for her. Now, let’s talk about the Rape problem in India and why it is growing instead of decreasing. You all should know that we are not really strong enough to fight the treat. Yes! We aren’t strong because as an individual we aren’t really doing anything for it. We don’t have sex education kind of thing in India or nobody really talks about sex in common. While I am writing this article I am thinking about the fact that we aren’t open enough with our family and friends.

Now, if I get back to the Case then you all should know that the district court acquitted the accused but they haven’t lost hope. They have taken it to the higher court and had had to sell some properties too. They are planning to movie to Chandigrah and where they will practice law. They have a 2-Year-Old son and they want to grow him away from Chandigarh so he can be a different person. Overall, this whole news was an inspiration and we really are expecting some big thing from it. We really want to see change, a real change.