Hyderabad 10 year old School girl Was raped & murdered in the city

Hyderabad 10 year old School girl Was raped & murdered in the city :- India is a country which is developing rapidly in the all the field but its real shame to say that even the rape crimes are developing at the double rate in this country.


The numbers of Rapist and rape crimes has found itself on the fifth gear and it’s really the shame to tell you guys that most of the victims in Rape cases are below 20 years, girls and children.

The recent incident that has shocked many people, when a 10-year girl was raped and killed brutally in Hyderabad. Victim’s body was found at the railway track without the clothes and her head was totally smashed as per the reports.

The whole incident took place when a parent filed a report of their missing daughter on Saturday at 3:30 PM.

And at the same midnight, a man informed the Police department about a young girl’s body lying on the railway track and he also mentioned that her age was just between the 8-10.

Then, her parent recognises their daughter and this incident goes viral in all the Hyderabad city.

Then investigation took place and Police found a CCTV footage, which clearly shows a man, carrying that girl. After the postpartum reports, it was revealed that she was raped before her murder.

Later , Police force recognises therapist and it was really shocked to know that the criminal had recently released from the prison on bail on July 1 and other 30 cases were pending against him.

This information adds more fire to this case and people started questioning the government work that how they could release a man who has been accused in 30 teasing cases.

Now, the recent news is coming that the Girls of various schools are seeing protesting against this case by tapping their mouth with Black Tape.

This protest is mainly about the safety issues of Female Communist in India. Well, this is a real concern for this country and slowly it has been turning into a viral disease which is taking its step in the every corner of India.

This is the question which is yet to be answered by the India government andPolicee force and still we are waiting for the answer of this question.