Hyderabad: 17-Year-Old Student Committed Suicide Out Of Depression

Hyderabad: 17-Year-Old Student Committed Suicide Out Of Depression :- HyderabadDepression kills – and this phrase come true when out of depression a 17-year-old student of Class – 12th committed suicides in Vanasthalipuram on the last Sunday. Police identified the minor guy as Guruswamy Nayak, he used to stay in a hostel.

The student was depressed as he has to live away from his parents and at the same time he wanted to live with his parents. As per various reports, a 17 years old guy, Guruswamy Nayak, who was a student of the hostel, came home on vacation and was in the home a few days ago. On the last Sunday when he was alone at home, post his parents went out of the home for some work.

17-Year-Old Student Committed Suicide

Now when the parents’ comeback in the house they just shocked to see and found that their son Guruswamy Nayak hanging onto the ceiling and he already committed suicide so he died on the spot. Now the parents informed the Police and the Police registered a case of suspicious death. Because of this doubtful death, the police asked and shifted the body for autopsy.

Inquiries revealed that he had told his parents in the past that he is not keen to stay in the hostel, but continued as his parents wanted him to stay in the hostel only. So depression can be the reason why the minor take such a drastic step like suicide in order to end his life reportedly. The further reports stated that the minor was keen to stay with his parents but when he realized that again he has to move to the hostel, he just unable to bear the same.

So he ended his life on yesterday which is said and reported by the Mr. Muralikrishna, Inspector Vanasthalipuram Police station. The final report of the same is yet to come out which is very sad worthy. It is just sad to see such a minor boy ends his life out of depression.