Hyderabad: A 21 Year Old Engineering Student Crashed Car, Killed Friend

Hyderabad: A 21 Year Old Engineering Student Crashed Car, Killed Friend :- On Sunday, while takin a sharp U-turn, an Engineering student Vishal Chakraraj, 21 crashed his car at Necklace road. Due to crashed,  killed one of his three friends who are with him in the car.

Local Police said that the student who was driving the car, had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) within permissible limits. Further, the police said that they consumed beer and was returning home after his birthday party at a bar.

The deceased – Lakshmi Haisa, who was an engineering student of Narayana Engineering College, died on the spot in the car crash.

According to an eyewitness that the boy was driving the car very fast and took the U-turn without slow down the speed of the car. Due to fast speed of the car , the car suddenly crashed at the time of taking U-turn.

The police officer said that the car turned upside down. The deceased – Lakshmi was sitting in the back seat. At the time of crashed, Her head was hit on the sides of the car. She also got grievous neck injury. Due to the serious neck injury and without getting first aid, she died on the spot.

Vishal who drove the car, got minor injuries and were out of danger. Inspector P. Murali Krishna said that they were wearing seat belts when the mishap occurred. So they were lucky to sustained only minor injuries.

After the accident took place, people immediately informed the incident to the police and admitted victims in the hospital immediately. The local Police said that Vishal has a driver license.

The police said that it was his birthday, so he took his friends out in his uncle’s car to a restaurant and had a few drinks and food. The police booked a case against him for causing death due to negligence under relevant IPC sections. The body of deceased was sent to her native place in Karimnagar district.