Hyderabad: An African woman was killed and cut the body into pieces by his husband

Hyderabad: An African woman was killed and cut the body into pieces by his husband :- An Indian husband killed his african wife. He also cut her body in several parts and set her body parts on fire. Roopesh Kumar who killed his wife is a stock market agent. He lives in Madhapur. On Monday, when he was setting ablaze the suitcase carrying his wife’s dead body parts at Madanapalli village in Shamshabad police area, he was caught red – handed by the locals of Madanapalli village. The locals informed the police. The police arrested him on the spot. Till now, the police failed to know the exact reason of murder.


Senthia who was wife of Roopesh kumar were living with his husband in Hyderabad. The couple has a six year old Daughter, Sania. Both fell in love in Africa and after marriage they settled in Hyderabad, India. According to sources, Both quarreled on minor things and fight also. This incited Roopesh Kumar and on monday morning Roopesh strangulated his wife first and then cut her body into several pieces.

Roopesh wanted to dispose the body of his wife, then he put the body parts in a polythene bag and then packed in the suitcase.

In the evening, the accused drove his car with suitcase near the village namely Manadapalli along with his daughter. He found an deserted place there and then set the suitcase on fire.

According to sources, When he was returning to home, his car struck in the mud and he called for help from locals. The locals saw the blood stains on the rear parts of the car. They got suspicious and asked about it to him. When he failed to give answer to the locals, they called the police and police took him to Manadapalli village. Later police arrested the accused in case of murdering his wife brutally.