Hyderabad: Shocking Minors Avoid Pubs Go For Hookah Pens

Hyderabad: Shocking Minors Avoid Pubs Go For Hookah Pens :- when police get restricted for pubs and bar and hookah centers to the minors and underage, then hookah pens most popular between the minors, they always find a way to entertain and it’s easy to sell and easy to use for the minors and feel likes using the hookah. Stationery stores near schools and colleges are the central reference of these hookah pens, which retail them also to minors.

Minors avoid pubs, go for hookah pens

According to the reports, Where hookah pens most popular in the market and resin behind it those minors who don’t go for the pubs and hookah centers because of police restricted them.

However, these hookah pens are open on e-tailer portals. But this habit was common among minors in private schools, it came to the day when a Class VII junior was picked with the hookah pen.

Where the electronic cigarette, which is known as ‘vap pen’, should be charged within the 3 hours and can be worked for up to two days.

Minors avoid pubs, go for hookah pens1

From the report, where, the hookah pen is marketed as an electronic cigarette with a charger, which is charged electronic cigarette that and liquid filler called Water Vape. It can be filled with 1.6 ml of the liquid and used.

The liquid provided along with the hookah pen includes propylene glycol, a carcinogenic and it hits the lungs when inhaled.

Where the Dr. Naresh Vadlamani, a senior psychiatrist said, It combines with the blood and enters the brain. Memory becomes the punch and can cause serious problems.

While the minors things it’s a good invention for him because of it is really simple for the daily dose of hookah.

A younger college student university said This pen is a genuine option for us, particularly for girls.

a girl student from a city school said, Beginning hookah parlors would leave us personally, however now they have made it stern.