Hyderabad: Talking on Cell Phone while driving can lead to cancellation of licence

Hyderabad: DCP A. V. Ranganath said that using of Cell Phone while driving leads to losing bike licence and we are also seeking to suspend the driving licence. We will take legal opinion on detaining cell phones. He  said that the Motor Vehicle Act is silent on hands-free equipment. But hands-free equipment also distracts the attention of the driver.


Traffic Police can only book cases for the cell phone. As many as bikes are facing suspension of their driving licence because they were talking on the phone while the driving.

DCP of Traffic Police also said that there was the highest number of cases of suspension of driving licence. These are related to the violation of traffic rules. There are lots of people in the state who are driving the bike without the helmet and they also use cell phone while driving the bike or car, they have to pay fine.

The committee of supreme court’s on the road safety had recommended to suspension of licence for even cell phone from the driver if they use these devices while driving. The court give term as it was dangerous for the life of violator and others on the road. Using cell phone while driving, it causes disturbance to others who seat at the back or front of the bike and it is very dangerous for the life.


Traffic and transport experts said that traffic police can only book the cases and issue challan for cell phone driving which is not enough. The traffic cops should have the authority to seize the mobile phone temporarily and return it after counselling on the lines of vehicles being detained.

Now a days, people can not live without a mobile phone even for a day but they can live without the vehicles for many days. Using earphones while driving is more dangerous. Bikers bend their head on one side and speak on the mobile phone while driving. According to all circumstances, the cell phones should be seized.