Hyderabad: Teacher beat the student with duster, suffered with clot

Hyderabad: Teacher beat the student with duster, suffered with clot : The teacher, of Rajadhani School, Papi-reddynagar, allegedly beat a student of Class X with her fist and a wooden duster for not attending classes. He sustained internal head injuries and had to undergo a surgery to remove a blood clot after he was beaten by his teacher at Jagathgirigutta.

The victim student – Suresh Kumar, 14, collapsed outside the office room after the assault and was rushed to hospital.


Meanwhile, the school officials denied the allegations and said that the teacher had not assaulted but only scolded him, and that he had a clot in his brain that got aggravated.

Following a complaint by the father of the student, Jagadhigirigutta police has filed a case against the teacher Ms Rama Devi.

Mr. Ramjanam Prasad who is the father of Suresh, said that my wife had gone to school with my son. His teacher asked my wife to stand outside and called my son inside. She must have hit him two-three times. When he came out, he told my wife that the teacher hit him and had asked for a Rs 500 fine.

He further said that soon my son started vomiting and collapsed. Then. he was rushed to hospital, where doctors suggested that a surgery had to be done to remove the blood clot. My son was perfectly healthy. It is because of the teacher’s assault that he suffered the injury.

The parents alleged that Suresh had not attended school for a few weeks. Then, his teachers had called his mother and asked her to bring him to school. When she brought him, the teacher called him into the office and hit him.

Inspector P. Srinivas said that we came to know that the teacher slapped the boy. But, we are not yet sure whether the clot is due to that. We are inquiring if the boy had a previous problems. His family originally hails from Bihar.