I-12 Accident Update: Covington Teenagers Injured in Accident on Interstate 12 CCTV Video

A very serious and harsh collision happened on I-12 in Covington where three sisters who just attended A Rchbishop Hannan High School met with the accident and got seriously injured while one is critically injured after met with a two-vehicle accident happened in the area. The I12 Accident was too serious and dangerous by which the persons who were inside the vehicle got seriously injured on their body and later, taken to the hospital where all of them are treated under the observation of many doctors who treated them best to recover from the life-threatening injuries they got during the accident.

I12 Accident Update

The nearby people who witnessed the accident gets shocked and rush to the spot to find out what actually happened and occurred at the spot and to rescue the people who were involved in the accident. The police officials and the emergency services are also reached and arrived at the spot and started finding the cause of the accident along with rescuing the people who met with the accident. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the accident.

Covington Teenagers Injured in Accident on Interstate 12

The whole accident happened at around 7:45 AM in the early morning of Tuesday near the Louisiana Highway 21 exit where the police stated that another vehicle struck the right side of their car. The accident was too dangerous by which the three sisters who met with the accident got seriously injured and were taken to the area hospitals for further treatment and to recover from the life-threatening injuries which they got during the accident.

According to the statement of the police officials, it is stated that both vehicles were heading westbound when a Toyota Sequoia did hit a Volkswagen Jetta and after that initial impact, the Jetta began to overturn and with this, the sisters got seriously injured and taken to the hospital whole one of them was flown by Air-Med helicopter first to North Oaks, then to the University Medical Center in New Orleans with life-threatening injuries.

The accident was too serious and still under the investigation of many officials who attempted and gave their best in the case to reach a conclusion on this with coming to an official statement about the accident. The I12 Accident is investigating by the officials and surely it will be reached to a conclusion very soon, till then stay tuned with us.

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