“I Can Do That” All Contestants Celebrating Diwali With Farhan Akhtar

“I Can Do That” All Contestants Celebrating Diwali With Farhan Akhtar : In the TV reality show “I Can Do That” there will be Diwali celebration taking place by the participants’ of the show with the none other than the host Farhan Akhtar. The show is doing very well these days receiving huge response from the audiences’ as well the huge TRPS. It is an Indian adaptation of an American show with the same name. The 12 participants’ who joined the show is doing very well day by day. Tonight apart from the celebration of the Diwali with its host Farhan Akhtar the contestents will be also giving mind-blowing performances.

i can do that diwali special

I Can Do That All Contestants Celebrating Diwali With Farhan Akhtar

Like, one of the contestants Gauhar Khan will be seen in her hot avatar and she will be giving a massive performance. Ranveer Brar will be also giving an amazing performance in which he will be doing some kind of act which will be literally like performance with “Hoola Hook” and he will be performing amazing act with this “Hoola Hook”.

Gauhar Khan and VJ Bani last week gave an amazing dancing performance which not only impress the host Farhan Akhtar as well the sitting public of there. This week we are also expecting something great from them. These two girls are most anticipated girls who always impress public with their performances.

Bharthi Singh’s performance is the most praising one as she will be giving an Indian form of dancing performance in which she will dancing like a dancing diva. The entertainment channel Zee TV itself is excited about the performance of her and the channel take its official page of the Facebook account and write about her performance and Zee TV tweeted, “This impeccable comediennne @bharti_lalli performed Kathak on a bed of nails, with a fractured foot! #ICanDothat” – Zee TV (@zeetv)

Ranveer Brar is also excited for the show and he tweeted, “Fireworks of a different kind…in the #Diwali special episode of #ICDT 🙂 Tune in this weekend… @ZeeTV”- Ranveer Brar (@ranveerbrar).