I Kissed A Girl And Strangely, I Liked It More Than I Should

I Kissed A Girl And Strangely, I Liked It More Than I Should : Today in this article we are presenting to you a new story of a girl, who is new in the town and whose planning to own a new city. Go through this article to know more this story of a girl.

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Nothing beats the feeling of being given another Cosmopolitan during Happy Hours. The cocktail was befitting of a City Girl who was beginning to own a new city. The only downside was that I was alone – AGAIN. It had turned into yet another train-bus-auto-to-anywhere day. Coincidentally enough, I finally decided to settle into a nice rooftop bar called The Lost Society.

At 5 pm, there were hardly any other people. There was a couple across the roof and that was that. The boy was tall-ish with floppy hair and geek glasses. There was something about him that instantly appealed to me. I really wished I could be on a date with someone like him. Before I could feel more miserable for myself, I ordered another drink.

The more alcohol I consumed, the more I lost control of my good manners. I stared and stared and stared at him hopelessly. His girlfriend had her back to me and every time she blocked my view, I wanted to yell at her that colouring her hair blond was a mistake! She didn’t have the skin tone to pull it off at all. I had never felt so much malice for a woman before!

After yet another drink and a fresh batch of chicken wings, my cute geek guy caught my eye. I was halfway through flashing my loveliest smile at him when the girl followed his gaze and looked at me. My heart stopped. She looked so beautiful and so scary at the same time! I quickly grabbed my purse and made a wild dash for the ladies’ room before I could die of embarrassment.

In the loo, I was holding on tight to the counter in front of the mirror and was calming myself down. If only I had worn water-proof mascara, I could have washed my face to feel a little less hazy. At that exact same moment, the wrong-hair-colour lady chose to come in!

Her stilettos were at least 5 inches high and they clattered on the floor ominously. She stood next to me and peered into the mirror, twisting up some weird coloured lipstick.

“Looks like you can’t take your eyes off my boy,” she said to me without looking away from her reflection.

I giggled nervously. “Well,” I said “He seems really nice. Guys like that are rare to find, right?”

“Oh, darling!” she sang “Haven’t you ever been on OKCupid? They are a dime a dozen over there!”

“Um… OK what?” I asked.

“It’s a dating site, sweetie, with enough guys on it. Unfortunately, not enough women!” she sighed.

“Oh, well. I thought…. er…” I wasn’t thinking and I didn’t know what to say!

“I should just stick to dating women,” she cut me “At least no pregnancy scares there!”

“Oh!” I laughed nervously.

She turned to me and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “You know,” she said “You really have very pretty eyes”.

I took a huge gulp.

“Are you…?” I began.

“Am I…?” she queried.

To be honest, I wanted to say “Are you gay?”, but I didn’t want to be politically incorrect.

“Are you going to kiss me?” I blurted.

She laughed. And I can swear she sounded like bloody wind-chimes!

“Of course!” she said and swooped down to kiss me. She tasted sweet, citrus-y and alcoholic. She put one hand in my hair and swooped it up into a pile on top of my head. Her other hand held my waist, her thumb threatening to inch upwards. No guy had ever kissed me like that in all my life. Even as she pulled me closer to herself, something didn’t seem right- the kiss was almost too gentle. Maybe I was disappointed not to have felt the familiar hardness that I would have otherwise. Just then, she put her tongue in my mouth. I may have wanted to bite her lower lip.

I’m not sure if I actually did! But what I was sure of is how I ran from there. I have no idea what came over me. I had never paid a bill so quickly before! Hell, I had never left a Cosmo left unfinished before!

Later that night when I was slightly more sober, still dazed by all that had happened, I signed up on OKCupid on autopilot. My tall, scary roommate in the hostel resolutely ignored me and I turned my laptop the other way so she couldn’t see.

On the website, I was asked “What is the first thing people notice about you?”

‘Well,’ I wrote ‘I have been told that I have very pretty eyes.’


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