I never encouraged terrorism: Says Zakir Naik On Skype From Medina

I never encouraged terrorism: Says Zakir Naik On Skype From Medina :-  After given the controversial statement by the Hindu preacher Sadhvi Prachi, Where she talk about the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. on that statement, she announce his proposal Rs 50-lakh reward for Zakir Naik’s death to anyone also called he is a terrorist after that, In Dhaka cafe attack where it’s the inspiration for the terrorists.

zakir naik

Now Zakir naik is given the statement via Skype from Medina and said, however, that suicide attacks may be utilized as a tactic of battle to protect the country. Under all other conditions where morals are objective, it is Blameful for everyone.

According to the reports, Where on the skype press conference where he said that I have been delivering the free public lectures for last 25 years without never supported terrorism.

Also, Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir naik said, I have been the motivation for one of the terrorists which were involved in the Dhaka cafe attack and my comments have been used out of circumstances. where he stated that conference by criticizing for the Friday’s terror attack in Nice, Dhaka cafe attack.

from the Zakir naik Statement, He said that I will deliver those thoughts that have solutions to all statements against me. see at it with an honest mind and then you will see I’m honest and while he tells that, In the Islamic regions which are not given you permission for make as a suicide bomb and killed the innocent public.

While Zakir Naik is commander-in-chief of the Mumbai Islamic Research Foundation, has been suspected his name produced following the Dhaka Terror Attack.

Where Bangladesh ministry had also halted the Peace TV directed by Zakir Naik in the nation following statements that he his lectures have allegedly been manipulating the thoughts of children to act terror attacks. Now the discussion getting more burn after these statements of Zakir Naik.