IAF shows remaining parts of Pakistan’s AMRAAM missile used to hit Indian military bases

IAF shows remaining parts of Pakistan’s AMRAAM missile used to hit Indian military bases: On Thursday, the Indian Air force (IAF) has shown off the remaining parts of the AMRAAM missile fired by Pakistani F-16 jets at Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri military bases to controvert Islamabad’s statement that it had not used F-16 jets in its aerial strike yesterday.

India’s Exhibit A: Debris of AMRAAM missile that nails Pakistan’s F-16 denial


  • The IAF showed parts of missile debris recovered near Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri
  • It said that it shows that a Pakistan F-16 was shot down by IAF during yesterday’s confrontation
  • The Indian Air Force also busted the other lies being propagated by Pakistan about its aggression on Wednesday

However, Islamabad fully refused of using F-16s in the attack, and claimed that there were not a single Pakistani aircraft which were hit. The IAF exposed the photos of the bits and pieces of a US-made AIM-120 AMRAAM missile which it says “conclusively proves” the Pakistani jets were involved.

The Indian Air force (IAF) showcase the US-made missile, which it says “conclusively proves” Pakistani jets attacked Indian military installations in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri. Previously, Pakistan had completely denied sending its warplanes to the Indian military base camps.

The evidence showed by Indian Air force is critical to instituting use of the F-16 jets in the attacking since the US, which sold the jets to Islamabad, doesn’t permit these raised areas to be used in an offensive position.

IAF shows parts of Amraam missile, says evidence confirms MiG-21 shot down Pakistan’s F-16

The rare conference, accompanied in contradiction of the background of the Defence Ministry at Raisina Hill, was spoke by senior officers of the three services such as Army, Navy and Air Force.

The conference was as much of an effort to call out Pakistan on its revengeful strike as it was to guarantee the country that the defence forces were arranged and willing to meet any possibility.

In between the conference, they also burst in a sharp message for Pakistan. Army Maj Gen SS Mahal said, “If they provoke us any further, we are prepared for exigencies”.

The Indian Air force (IAF), “There is enough evidence to show that F-16s were used in this mission and Pakistan is trying to hide this fact. Also, parts of AMRAAM Air to Air Missile which is carried only on the F-16s in PAF were recovered East of Rajouri within the Indian territory”.

The air force said this was one of the more than a few literally incorrect announcements that arose from Pakistan after its fighter jets disrupted Indian airspace in an effort to aim military base camps.

the IAF further said, “Pakistan claimed that they intentionally dropped weapons in open space where there was no human presence or military posts. The fact is that the PAF aircraft targeted military installations”.

In the year 2006, the PAF ordered 500 AMRAAM missiles as part of a $650 million F-16 ammunition agreement with the Washington. The AMRAAM is a medium-range, all-weather, guided missile used by the United States and 33 other countries internationally and it is mass-produced by Raytheon.