#IBD2 India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2 27th February 2016! Top 10 Kids In The Race

#IBD2 India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2 27th February 2016! Top 10 Kids In The Race :- Right since the drama based reality show “India’s Best Dramebaaz” has been in the last year, till the show made you smile… cry…. as well the cute kids tickle our funny bones. In this remarkable journey of “Lights, Camera and Drama” the kids made something different indeed on this national television.

india’s Best Dramebaaz

India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 2 27th February 2016

This one is the second season of the reality show “IBD” stands for “India Best Dramebaaz” and in this season we receives judges including Vivek Oberoi, Sonali Bendre and Sajid Khan to honoured the kid talents. The kids apart from impressing the judges actually, literally they won millions of hearts to by being their natural, adorable ones.

Tonight the semi final episode of the show “India Best Dramebaaz” yet to telecast in which 8 kids contestants’ has been chosen which include Jaskaran Narula, Vansh Maheshwari, Swati Nitya, Karikye Raj, Parth Mehta, Tamanah Deeepak, Preeti Jyothi Singh and last but not the least Kartikey Malviya.

These 8 participants’ will be compete with each other in the tonight episode to reach the grand finale episode of the “India Best Dramebaaz” and among these 4 kids somebody will be emerge as winner who will receiving much voting from the public for their Dramebaazi.

These all of 8 participants’ are the spectacular so public will be in dilemma to choose the one as all of them are equally talented and everybody received overwhelming response from the public as well judges.

One of the contestants from them Kartikey Malviya was in Bhopal last week to shares his experiences and he meet with the media to shares his wonderful journey on the show so far. This 11 year old boy couldn’t initially make it when he auditioned for season 1, but his immense passion for acting brought him back to audition for Season 2 and he make it this time hopefully because of his worthy talent.

After facing rejection in the last season, Kartikey carve himself now worthy to win praise for his performances as well fan following. This 11-years-old boy’s versatility brings him loads of fame as an entertainer.