ICC World Cup 2019: Famous ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad is back for upcoming Ind-Pak Cricket Clash

Well, India-Pakistan cricket match is always a big deal for the both of countries because the people took the cricket match so seriously and both of these countries don’t want lose with each other that’s why this upcoming cricket match is going to be very emotional and stressful for the players as well as for the people. India vs West Indies Live Streaming


And to add more emotion on it advertisement industry is doing very well and drop another mind blowing advertisement called “Mauka Mauka”. This advertisement is so popular among the people because of the song and the content this advertisement have.

People who took cricket matches so seriously this advertisement for those also this advertisement id a funny way of telling about the match. Because everybody is excited and wanted to see this upcoming match of India vs. Pakistan because this is not just a match this is more than that.

“Mauka Mauka” is very popular add campaign run by star sports during the ICC world cup 2015 and now this add is came back with another exciting series because of the upcoming match of India Pakistan on 19th March.

This advertisement is full of emotion where a mid age guy giving a video massage to the Pakistani captain “Sahid Afridi” to hit the six during the matches. During the Add this man is so serious and even calls his own son and say that “if you don’t want to hit six for me than please Hit six for him” this Add is looking emotional and I am sure that this advertisement is going to e viral so soon. Even in the advertisement his wife is serving him Dinner but he said that he don’t want because he is sending a message to players.

In this advertisement this man is wearing a Green jersey of 1992 world cup and that jersey is so famous in Pakistan also they took this jersey as a luck charm because in 1992 Pakistan won the World cup and on that time this jersey was launched by the players of that time.

India vs. Pakistan first match of this world cup and both of these countries waiting for this match because they wanted to see their team with the winning Trophy.

Finger is crossed in both of these countries because people are very excited and they are emotionally attached with the match. That’s why this match is going to e so big for the both of these countries.

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