IELTS Preparation Made Easy by inlingua New Delhi

Experienced instructors from New Delhi make IELTS preparation easy. Read on to know what IELTS is and how it can help you:


Designed by the world’s leading experts in language assessment, IELTS is a standardized test, which evaluates the language proficiency of candidates from non-English speaking countries. IELTS calls itself, “the most popular high stakes English-language test for study, work and migration, with more than 2 million tests taken [each] year.”

Thus, a student or a working professional would in fact care a lot about examination’s outcome and its preparation. With that in tow, inlingua New Delhi, a language institute has just the right stuff to offer.

inlingua, one of the most distinguished language schools in Delhi,has revamped IELTS courses to bolster International University exams. With years of consistent growth, it has emerged as a full-fledged institute for IELTS. The institute holds an expertise in training students for the exam.

The IELTS preparation program at inlingua is designed to help students in improving their Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. It aims at enhancing their overall language proficiency. The program is tailored as per the specific needs of the students. It includes practice sessions on an array of graded exercises, designed to prepare the students to take up complicated tasks. The program also covers a number of effective strategies and techniques to help the students in tackling various questions across all skills effectively.

IELTS is accepted for a number of purposes, which include:

Studying abroad

IELTS in mandatory for the students who want to study abroad in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is recognised by over 8,000 organisations across the globe, with over 2 million tests conducted every year.

Working abroad

IELTS is accepted by employers and professional bodies in majority of the English-speaking countries. It isneeded to provide the proof of your language proficiency for attaining work visa.It is indeed a valuable asset, in addition to all the other requirements of any job.


IELTS is mandatory for anyone planning to immigrate to an English speaking country. It is a part of the applications processfor obtaining citizenship or the right to permanent residence.Migration authorities in the countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, and the United Kingdom use IELTS to process immigration.

Pursuing IELTS course from inlingua can prove to be of great help to the candidates. The institute holds an expertise in training students and boasts of a good success rate when it comes to acing IELTS.